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Student government is experiencing some major changes this year. Mrs. Braman stepped down at the end of last year after being the student government sponsor for four years. Filling her role is Mrs. Moss, who was in charge of student government in years prior. Student Government members have had to adjust to this change in leadership.

“Adjusting to a sudden change in mentorship was bound to have some adjustment pains, especially for a group of kids that have gotten really used to the way things have always been done,” Sydney Adams, senior representative said.

This adjustment period has been rocky due to the senior class’s lack of experience working with Mrs. Moss.

“They don’t know me, and I don’t know them,” Mrs. Moss said. So for right now, “it’s just a getting-to-know-you period.”

Part of getting to know Mrs. Moss, is understanding her different leadership style, which is different than what veteran student government members are used to.

“I am different than Mrs. Braman and we have different styles in the way we do things,” Mrs. Moss said. “I’m probably going to ask a lot more.”

The senior class, who work most directly with the sponsor of student government, have felt this new-found responsibility the most.

“I think, especially from a senior perspective, a lot of the responsibility that used to be shared with Mrs. Braman has really shifted over to the shoulders of the students,” Pamela Chen, senior representative said.

These responsibilities include many things that normal students at Homestead don’t think about.

“There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that most of the student body doesn’t know about—a lot of re-planning and crisis management,” Chen said.

Mrs. Moss’s approach means that this is something student government members need to take care of and manage independently.

“It’s not my government, it’s not Mrs. Moss government. It is Student Government; it is a student-led activity,” Mrs. Moss said.

This is a transition from the mentality that the members were used to.

Through the planning of Homecoming, “There were so many duties that we had to assume ourselves, and we were maybe just a little unequipped to do that,” Chen said.

Yet this change for independence is invariably a good thing for student government. There are many roles that members play and many tasks they have to become proficient at, which will serve them well in life.

“I think that it’s going to help [them] build leadership skills, and business skills, learning how to run an organization,” Mrs. Moss said. “A lot of times student government kids tend to be those involved people.”

While student government recognizes the difficulties this year, they recognizes this sentiment too.

“It is valuable experience that I think all of student government will thank Mrs. Moss for at the end of the year,” Jonathan Papas, senior vice president said.

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