A Package Deal

Lauren Berta, News Editor

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“She played flute, I played tuba,” Bryen Warfield said. “We had drill where I was in front of where she was and I just remember turning around and making a joke that didn’t go over well. That was the beginning.”

Bryen and Sara Warfield met in their college marching band at the University of Louisville. Sara Warfield remembers the jokes he would tell her while they were in college.

“The first time it didn’t work because I thought it was a pick-up line and I didn’t know him,” Mrs. Warfield said.

Three or four jokes later though, he won her over.

“It was those bad jokes,” she said. “He makes people laugh; he makes me laugh.”

Mr. and Mrs. Warfield are two of the new teachers here at Homestead. It is a little unusual for a married couple to work in the same profession, but since their introduction in college, they both knew they wanted to teach.

“I know I wanted to teach in college. He went the performance route but I think he always wanted to be a teacher; he’s very natural at teaching,” Mrs. Warfield said.

What Mr. Warfield likes about teaching is the interactions he gets to have with students.

“In band you get to build relationships with students in a different way than you would in another classroom because you’re working together on an art form” Mr. Warfield said.

Mr. Warfield is the new assistant band director and Mrs. Warfield teaches several history classes. While she teaches a different field, she enjoys teaching for some of the same reasons as her husband.

“The enjoyable part about teaching government is the discussion that can be had with students about how participation happens, about being a citizen, and informing them on aspects of government they didn’t know about,” Sara Warfield said.

Besides a passion for teaching, the Warfields also share a mutual love for music, which was the connection that brought them together in the first place.

“We go to concerts. I’ve learned that because he’s so musical and eclectic that it’s cool to go to different things,” Mrs. Warfield said.

Mr. Warfield’s musicality is what drew him to Homestead.

“My high school marching band used to compete against the marching band here, so I’ve known about Homestead for a really long time,” Mr. Warfield said.

As assistant band director, Mr. Warfield is subject to the crazy band schedule, not always making it home at the same time as his wife.

“I get to go home around 5:00 p.m. most days but football games are a little bit longer, and when we start competitions, that will be a lot longer,” Mr. Warfield said.

Besides carpooling, working together makes things easier for them. They had not worked together before coming to Homestead, but it has not changed their relationship.

“We still have to communicate as far as who’s going to pick up our son at what time, and who’s going to be at home, though a lot more things are easier because we’re in the same location,” Bryen Warfield said.
As for Homestead, both Bryen and Sara Warfield are enjoying the experience.

“I love it,” Mr. Warfield said, “I think it’s awesome.”

“This is a wonderful place,” Mrs. Warfield said.

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