Becoming a Spartan

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My first year at Homestead has been filled with positivity, respect, and kindness. The environment here is great for learning. Moving from Wayne was definitely a change, but I’m used to it now and am comfortable here. The schoolwork is definitely overwhelming at times, having homework in nearly every class each day, along with online assignments, but that is just a step toward being successful in life. I knew coming to Homestead would strengthen me academically, and greaten my chances of getting into my dream college.

Also, lunch is much better, as the food is actually warm here and there is more to choose from. I’ve heard there have been lunch changes this year but I wouldn’t know. Either way, lunch is definitely something I look forward to each afternoon knowing I can eat something I like.

Sports here are more exciting, as well. Going to the football games on Fridays was definitely a highlight earlier in the semester. I went to every home game, and I plan on doing the same for basketball. The student section is always pumped and keeps the crowd alive the whole game, I can only imagine how loud they will be for the upcoming basketball games. Not only does the section make the game amusing; we actually win!

Not being able to have our phones any time throughout the day (not even at lunch) is a huge change. I do think though, not being able to use a phone keeps me engaged during class time and keeps me from standing around in the hall during passing period so I can get to my class before the bell.

Study hall is also new to me. It’s very helpful when it comes to completing assignments due that day, although study hall replaces a class I’ve dropped which means I earn two fewer credits this year, but I am still well on my way to graduate.

Having my own laptop is new. It’s great, and it helps with school because I’m able to access assignments wherever and whenever I need them, and I’m able to work on things even when I miss a day of school. Being able to complete schoolwork on a school cancelation day is helpful.

Having to ride the bus with middle schoolers is probably the only thing I dislike about Homestead. I know it helps transportation be more efficient by getting kids home all at once, but the bus is just way too packed. My bus got to the point where kids began to sit in the aisle due to no seats being available.

Other than the bus ride home, I can say I like it here at Homestead, considering I will be driving soon.

Before coming to Homestead from Wayne, I’ve heard of Homestead as “the all-white school.” Although Homestead is known for its lack of diversity, that doesn’t make me feel out of place.

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