Net Neutrality

Ryan Terrill, Writer

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The internet has become a part of people’s everyday routines, whether it be at work, school, or for fun. According the United States Census Bureau, 78% of Americans use the internet. Due to
the recent repeal of net neutrality, the internet may be changing for you and everyone else. Net neutrality prevents the government or internet service providers, such as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon, from controlling the speed of a website or content. It allows users to access all types of different data or applications, no matter which website they come from.

“Net neutrality is the internet being treated the same for all people,” Nicole Detter, media specialist said. “If you are using a public terminal for free, like a library, versus a billionaire, you are still using the same internet.”

On Dec. 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commissions repealed net neutrality. The Obama administration originally established it in 2015. The repeal will not go into action for a few more months, but when it does, changes may be noticed on everyday application and websites.

“If there is an effect on the school, educational sites could have an impact over retail sites,” Detter said. “That is something that we have seen at Homestead on Cyber Monday, because most educational sites are housed in the same cloud as Amazon.”

Internet providers will have the power to control the speed of which websites load. “I think of it like an airplane – there’s first class, second class, and third class; and you have to pay extra to get the better
seat, but with the internet, everyone should be able to access it equally,” Samuel Hutner (9) said.

Net neutrality is extremely important for businesses or people that use the internet for their jobs, but ultimately it allows people to share their passion or opinions on the internet to the whole world. Without
net neutrality, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are able to block content from spreading through websites, which could negatively affect those that work online.

“Preserving net neutrality will allow an internet that enables and protects free speech,” Matthew Quintos (9) said. Social media websites or other networks may load slower if the internet provider disagrees with them. Providers can also charge extra fees in order to access those sites. Net neutrality is often taken for granted because it plays a huge role on the internet. and it is often taken for granted. Without it, the internet as we know it may have detrimental effects.

“Net neutrality is one of those things where you can hopefully see your voice count,” Detter said, “Maybe we can cause a change, like we’ve seen with the Me Too movement, if people stand up and fight
together,” Detter said. The community has several different options to voice their opinions about the
net neutrality repeal, such as spreading the word on social media, contacting congress, signing a petition, and more. “I’ve called my local congress about net neutrality and signed an online petition,” Hutner said.

Net neutrality is a crucial factor in everyday life that and makes accessing data online a much more enjoyable process. Not only does stop companies from causing websites to load slow, but it is what makes the internet function equally for all users. Without net neutrality, there might possibly be problems for the school or for anyone that goes online, which in our technologically connected time is near everyone. “The thing with net neutrality is that nobody fully understands what it is, which is a scary thing, since we try to ignore it rather than deal with it,” Detter said. The internet is a necessity for many people and has become a part of everyday life. Net neutrality helps make sure that everyone has equal access to websites and other data. Your voice matters and holds the power to make a change. Stand up for net neutrality by sharing your thoughts

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