Through the Ages

Mikayla Havison, Writer

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Most students have probably heard their parents begin a story with “back when I was in high school,” but for a few Homestead students, the high school in their parents’ stories happens to be their own school.

    Avid runner Kaleb Crawford (9) and the basketball team’s rising star, Luke Goode (9), are two  students who have parents that attended Homestead as students. In fact, Crawford’s mother is Kimberly Crawford, biomed teacher.

    “She has given me quite a lot of good advice that she’s heard from her students and everything she knew from when she came here,” Kaleb Crawford said.

    Despite the previous experience, Kimberly Crawford still notes that the school has undergone immense changes since she was a student.

    “(The school) is definitely a lot larger,” Kimberly Crawford said. “The Ninth Grade Academy was my middle school when I was here.  There are also more course choices now.”

    During her time as a student, Kimberly Crawford was part of the gymnastics team, and now her son is on both the cross-country and track teams.

    “I ran in middle school and my mom helped me keep going,” Kaleb Crawford said. “She helped me actually want to run.”

    His mom’s experience as a student may have also contributed to a lesson that Kaleb Crawford learned about the importance of persistence. Kaleb is proud to say that his running times have continued to improve over time.

    “You always go from mildly slow and then you pick it up quite a bit throughout the (running) season,” Kaleb Crawford said. “I dropped about a minute off my time.”

    Both the lives of Kimberly and Kaleb Crawford have been changed by their experiences at the school.

    “I am sure that every experience influences our lives in some way, so I’m sure I would be (a different person if I had not attended Homestead),” Kimberly Crawford said.

    Not only has the school influenced the lives of this mother-son duo, but also it has altered the lives of Susan and Luke Goode.

    From participating in tennis, cheerleading, and student government during her time at this school, Susan Goode learned a lesson she hopes to pass on to her son.

    “I learned time management… as a student athlete,” Susan Goode said. “Also, I learned the value of teamwork and the importance of working hard at my academics.”

    Although Susan hopes that  her son  learns important life-lessons during his school years, she also wants her son to enjoy his high school experiences.

    “We’ve always stressed the importance of (academic and athletic accomplishments) to Luke, but, we also want him to be a kid and enjoy school,” Susan Goode said.

    This basketball season, Luke Goode has had several impressive plays that have made him known throughout the school; however, Susan Goode is also proud of her son’s academic accomplishments.

    “I’m very proud of Luke’s first semester grades; he is a very good student who works hard,” Susan Goode said. “I’m also very proud of his contributions to the football and basketball programs this year.”

    Luke Goode also reciprocates the admiration that his mother feels for him.

    “I’m most impressed with my mom’s athletic accomplishments as she was able to go to state for tennis (her freshman year),” Luke Goode said.

    Like the Crawfords, the Goodes have also noted the many changes that have occurred in the school.

    “Homestead is very different from the teaching standpoint and the athletic facilities (are different since my mom went here),” Luke Goode said. “She told me that there were no softball fields or freshman academy when she attended Homestead.”

    Despite the obvious changes in the school’s size, Susan Goode is happy to see that some aspects of the school have stayed the same.

    “Luke and I have both had Mr. (Mike) Miller and Mrs. (Anne) Tiernon,” Susan Goode said. “I loved that he was able to have a few of the same teachers I had! These teachers are awesome and truly love the kids. It’s been so fun for me see them again.  Homestead has many great teachers; we are blessed.”

    Over the years, Homestead has prepared many students for the real world and influenced the lives of many.

    “I believe (Luke) will be more than ready for college as Homestead does an excellent job preparing students for life after high school,” Susan Goode said.


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