A Study of Envy

Reagan Roller, Writer

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Winter guard is an art, and just like any art, it takes hard work and dedication. Every year, the team’s show is full of emotion, and this year’s show is no different.
“This year’s show is called A Study of Envy, and the show is about losing someone, whether they have passed away or just walked out of your life; it is about missing them and wishing they were still there,” Olivia Krizon (12) said.
This year’s show is especially fitting because the team’s longtime director left the team, but the girls are grateful for their new director, Geoff Goelz.
“Although he is new to being the head director here, he is very familiar with our program and has worked with Homestead’s guard for a long time, “ Hannah Burns (12) said.
While winter guard is not as popular as some other activities at the school, the team forms a community within themselves.
“Something that bonds us together is all of our hard work and time that we put into the show,” Katelyn Kolb (11) said.
Winter guard this year has been especially special for the seniors who have had four years of fun that has now come to an end. Although the team did not win state this year, they did get fifth place and their hard work was recognized.
“I have benefited from winter guard in so many ways,” Krizon said. “I have a large group of friends that I have had so many fun experiences with. I am a part of something that is larger than me. This program has given me the ability to dance and do rifle and express myself through more than just words, and it has been really fun and an amazing experience. I honestly believe I would not enjoy high school if I was not in winter guard.”

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