Double Trouble

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Double Trouble

Lisa Chen, Editor-in-Chief

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When people think of the leader of the football team, the quarterback often comes to mind. Throughout the years, Homestead’s quarterbacks have continued a legacy of success with many later playing Division One college football.
Likewise, last year’s starting quarterback, Jiya Wright, is at Northern Illinois University as a football recruit. However, the loss of Wright has not caused significant problems for the team.
“This offense has adjusted really well especially because of the abundance of senior veterans we have this season,” Brayden Layton (12) said. “Us seniors have set the standards for this offense and with the arsenal of weapons we have, there should be no one that can stop us.”
This year, the team faces a unique situation with two quarterbacks in Jake Archbold (11) and Luke Goode (10).
“I am adjusting just fine to the new role as a quarterback,” Goode said. “With the other leaders the football team has, it makes my leadership role easy and fun to do.”
The transition into new roles has been similarly positive throughout the team even though the role of quarterback appears daunting.
“I feel like I’ve been adjusting pretty well,” Archbold said. “I’ve got a great group of teammates that will support me in anything I do. They’ve made it an easy transition.”
Although the quarterback situation is unique to this year’s team, it has not impacted the team’s game plan.
“Having two quarterbacks doesn’t change the way we play,” Layton said. “We have full confidence in both quarterbacks, so our play calls don’t change and neither does our execution. It’s just business as usual.”
In fact, having two quarterbacks benefits the team as each one offers an experienced perspective for the other.
“Luke and I split reps in practice and help each other out as one of us watches,” Archbold said. “It helps seeing the defense without the pressure of being in the game. We critique each other and push each other to be the best we can be.”
The lack of rivalry between the two players favor’s the team atmosphere.
“It helps that Jake and I support each other and want the best for the team regardless of playing time and who gets the specific opportunity that game,” Goode said.
Ultimately, the similar goals of the quarterbacks allow the team to continue its successful season.
“My goals as a quarterback are to make my teammates better and help this team get to where we need to be to win a state championship,” Goode said.
Likewise, Archbold holds lofty goals that the team will practice hard for during the season.
“I hope to win the conference title,” Archbold said.
While having two quarterbacks seems like a drastic difference from other teams, the differences between the two players are slim to none.
“(The only differences are) height and hair color; that’s about it,” Layton said. “Jake and Luke are both big time playmakers that get the job done no matter what. These guys are filling big shoes very well so far and will continue the dynasty of elite quarterbacks here at Homestead.”
With the homecoming game next week against Northrop and Carroll week following, it is safe to say that the team is looking forward to the games ahead.

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