Party in the USA: Homecoming Celebrates Spartan Pride

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Party in the USA: Homecoming Celebrates Spartan Pride

Emmalyn Meyer, Design Editor

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The stands are packed with students in shirts bearing the country’s colors. Even after a seven hour school day, students make their way back to the school to cheer on their prized football team. The student section brings the amount of energy necessary for the biggest game of the season: homecoming. There is a cool breeze, but it is unnoticeable with the heat of the crowd and the excitement. As a student crowd of nearly 1,000 gathers to watch the big game, it’s hard not to be excited to be a Spartan.
Homecoming, one of the three most attended events at Homestead – prom and semi-formal being the others – is the one that brings about a sense of school pride.
Unlike many schools, Homestead does not have a homecoming dance; however, there are many other events that take place throughout homecoming week.
One event in particular is the newest version of what was started two years ago: Survival of the Spartans.
Comprised of teams of five girls and five boys from the same grade, the event is intended to create a larger turnout than the main events in previous years, such as tailgating. The teams will compete in six games: tug of war, egg toss, water bucket relay, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, and an obstacle course. The winning team from each grade will compete against the others at the pep rally on Friday, the day of the homecoming game.
“I really love planning Survival of the Spartans because it’s with a team, and it seems like when we do something like that, people tend to get really excited about it, since it’s a team event,” Charlotte Hagedorn (12), senior class president and head of the Homecoming committee, said.
Many students’ favorite part of Homecoming Week is the theme days. USA is the theme for Friday, so students are expected to attend the game dressed like the country’s flag.
One of the other main events of the night is the football game. This year, the team plays against North Side, whom they are confident they can beat.
“I feel like we can beat North Side at homecoming because we’re the dominant team,” Cameron Shannon (12), cornerback, said.
Because so many students, teachers, parents, administrators and Homestead alumni attend the game, the football players have more motivation to perform well at the Homecoming game. The large crowd also makes the game more interesting and exciting for the players.
“The crowd at homecoming helps with the energy and we get a good vibe,” Shannon said. “It’s fun to play with a big crowd.”
However, the game and pre-game activities only set up for the main event: the Homecoming King and Queen. Last year’s King, Garrett Willis, and Queen, Ameena Sohail, will be returning to crown the new Homestead royalty.
The nominees for queen are seniors Charlotte Hagedorn, Reagan Waugh, Amanda Lantz, Jackie Williams, Kara Gealy and Khira Hickbottom. The nominees for king are seniors Kade Kolpien, Pujeeth Meruva, Brayden Layton, Parker Neuman, Trevin Taylor and Rohan Gupta.
Raegan Waugh (12) is thankful to be a part of the Homecoming court, because it has always been a dream of hers.
“Being nominated for Homecoming Queen is honestly something that has always been a dream of mine, and actually winning it would be something so unbelievable yet so exciting,” Waugh said.
Waugh has her own opinions on what it means to be the queen.
“To me, being nominated means that you put forth qualities that are respectable and appreciated by others around you,” Waugh said.

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