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Lisa Chen is a senior and moving into her third
year on the Spartana staff as the co-editor in chief.
Her favorite part about the Spartana is working
with the staff to create a finished product and
learning more things about the school through
the interviews with students. This year, Lisa is
looking forward to developing a theme for each
issue, working with Lauren to highlight student
achievements, and getting more people talking
about the Spartana. In her free time, Lisa likes
to run, hang out with friends, and watch


Emmalyn Meyer is a sophomore and is the design
editor and a writer for the Spartana staff. She started
her freshman year and loves being able to write
stories that everyone will see and she will be
acknowledged for. Emmalyn is looking forward to
writing new and exciting things this year. In her free
time, she enjoys reading and playing volleyball.



Lauren Berta is a senior and is moving into her third year on the Spartana staff as the co-editor in chief. Her favorite part about the Spartana is the creative license the staff has and the ability to make the magazine their own. This year, Lauren is looking forward to changing up the magzine, working with the new staff, and making something special with the Spartana. Lauren also loves to read and is a self-proclaimed “foodie.”


June Hill is a sophomore is a writer and designer for her first year on the Spartana staff. As the year goes on, June is looking forward to getting more comfortable interviewing people and having her skills grow as a writer. Her favorite part about the Spartana is all of the people and the work environment. Some of June’s favorite activities to do in her free time are hanging out with friends and reading.



Nathan Phuong is a junior and this is his first year
on the Spartana staff. He is currently an article writer and enjoys the opportunity he gets to write about current school affairs. Nathan’s favorite activities to do in his free time are swimming, reading, and playing ping pong.






Matthew Quintos is a sophomore and this is his first year on staff as a writer and designer. So far, his favorite part about Spartana has been the people he works with and writing his first article. Matthew is looking forward to informing the student body through his pieces. He also enjoys playing tennis and reading in his free time.





Mikayla Havison is a sophomore and has been on the staff for two semesters. She is the copy editor, which involves editing and looking over spreads before they are released. Mikayla said her favorite part about Spartana is “getting to work with an amazing group of people and getting to write stories we care about.” She’s looking forward to creating new ideas for stories and working with a new staff. Mikayla likes to read and play with her cat in her free time.




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