Letter to the Editor October

Lisa Chen, Lauren Berta, Editors-in-Chief

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Hey Homestead! We hope you all are settling into the school year. As the new year brings new experiences and memories, the Spartana is bringing in a new format and style. The Table of Contents section will always display pictures from articles, page numbers divided by section and a letter from us — your co-editors-in-chief. Each spread will feature the section name in the top left with new fonts and font sizes throughout the issue. It is our hope that this re-design allows for a cleaner read. Additionally, we are adding two recurring segments: Humans of Homestead and June’s Juice. As the monthly publication for Homestead, we seek to further connect with the student body. Based off the Humans of New York Instagram page, Humans of Homestead will feature four students per issue based on a random draw of our criteria. We simply desire to share the stories of the typical student, regardless of background or interests. June’s Juice is an advice column from our very own writer, June Hill. We encourage submissions of any questions you may have ranging from friendships to existential life crisis.
The mission of the Spartana is to be a platform for student expression that educates and challenges the community with the truth. Thanks to the student body, we quickly realized our mistakes in our last issue with the graph of student population by grade. In the chaos of ensuring that all pages are aesthetically pleasing, we failed to notice a significant mathematical error. We take responsibility for any false information published. In fact, we have ironically published a story on how to make graphs. It is our hope that you continue with this constructive criticism and send in letters to the editors so we can further improve. We want to hear your opinions.
With Halloween approaching, we also hope to provide entertaining pages for student interaction. Check out our center spread featuring a jack-o-lantern cutout of the Spartan head and a contest for the best carved jack-o-lantern.
As third year staff members, our jouralistic abilities have grown as we have grown with Homestead. With this experience, above all, we hope that the articles we choose to print accurately represent the school and community and appeal to the general population. The publication of the news magazine begins with the brainstorming process in which all staff members simply spit out ideas relevant to our mission and of interest to the writer and students. Ideas are divided into the categories of life, feature, or opinion. We hope that each section maintains the same number of articles between each issue.
As each staff member is assigned stories, the interview process begins. Writers must identify keynote interviewees based on background research. We want to hear your story. As writers complete interviews, articles form, portraying the emotion and details behind each idea. Throughout this process, photographers capture moments and designers develop the most visually appealing layouts. These are not easy, one-time processes. We review, revise and redesign multiple times. The font size and font can make all the difference in appearance. In the hope of transparency, we hope you learn about us so we can learn about you.
As the leaves change colors and fall, we hope to progress with the seasons, continually transforming and improving.


Spartana Editors-In Chief

Lisa Chen, Lauren Berta

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