Humans of Homestead

Emily Tyler, Writer

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Humans of Homestead is designed to feature regular students of Homestead and involve the community in the production of the Spartana

Carmen Lupu (11)

I wanted to come here because it was the only way to learn and see something in the medical field. I hate chemistry, but I want to be a doctor so I have to pass an exam in chemistry which is very challenging. In Romania, we don’t have to opportunity to experience it because we have basic courses like chemistry, physics, math, and biology but nothing extracurricular. Here, I have the opportunity to volunteer at the hospital and I’m in a course called biomedical sciences and we do a lot of interesting stuff which I am amazed by. The only issue is, in Romania, you have to pass a chemistry exam and biology. I’m so happy to be here. I am a junior but I am turning 18, so I should be a senior here, but in Romania, I am a junior. Even if I’m a junior, I have the chance to come to the graduation ceremony. So I am so happy. I ordered my cap and gown and I am very curious about it! I am pretty sure your ceremony is different than the Romanian one. In Romania, we started learning English since kindergarten, but more proficient in 2nd grade. You have a lot of words and confusing phrases, but it’s fine because we have a lot of similar words. English is like a second language for us. In Romania, we studied British English. I was expecting myself to find it hard understanding you but it is not because you all speak more clearly than the British, which is very good for me. I am so happy to be here!

Adrien Cookson (9)

One day, I had this idea for a video game, It was going to be a action game. I started to draw characters, levels, and bosses. After all that planning I wanted to actually make the game. I asked my mom if she could see if someone could help me make the game. She said she knew someone who actually makes games, and he said he would help. So we went to the place where they made the games and started making ideas. Then we started to sketch some characters for the game, and after that, we left. Sadly, after a few weeks, he said he had moved so he couldn’t work on the game anymore and he had to quit. I was sad so I just forgot about the game. One day, there was a game design tutorial for a program known as Game Maker so I got the program and started making games. I was terrible at making games and quit until I saw a YouTube channel that used a program known as Unity. I watched tutorials for days and started getting used to it, and now I want to make games. I’m still bad at making games but some day I am hoping to make the game a reality.

Ethan Seifert (12)

I’m a twin with Liv Seifert and she’s older by 58 minutes. I was almost born on the next day. Being a twin is challenging at times. We’re only alike because we are twins. She seems more uptight and I am more loose. I don’t really care that much and she always tries harder. We aren’t really the same at all and we even look different. I am tan with dark hair and dark eyes and she is blonde, pale, and has blue eyes. She works harder than I do and she cares more about stuff. We have the same attitude because we both can get really agitated easily with each other and we fight sometimes. My favorite thing about her is that it’s funnier that she thinks she’s funny because she’s really not. The funniest thing we’ve done as kids is when I was at our grandpa’s house with our cousin. We dug a big hole and it was super muddy. It wasn’t her and I together, it was my cousin and myself against her. So we threw her in the hole and she got stuck and it was really funny when we were kids. That’s a memory I will have forever because it was so funny.

Morgan Halliwill (12)

I’ve been playing soccer since I was three. My dad was a pro- fessional soccer player and my mom played soccer for the boy’s high school team. There was no girls high school team back then, so their soccer kind of wore off on me. I’ve been play- ing since I was super young. I used to play for Fever and then that turned into Fort Wayne United. Since freshman year, I’ve been playing for Indiana Fire Junior, which is a team in Indy. I’ve been going to Indianapolis 3-4 nights a week for practice. I will leave right after school then get back at around 10. I’ve been working super hard for my soccer career since I was super young and I want to go into the Olympics, personally. I’ve been visiting colleges since the summer of 8th grade year and I’ve probably visited about 50 colleges. I’ve only visited D1 colleges because I decided, when I was younger, that I was only going to go to a D1 school. Through my searches, I ended up finding UAB and I have a scholarship for athletics and a scholarship for academics. I will be going there in December because I am graduating early because the soccer coach asked me to start playing soccer for them.

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