June’s Juice

June Hill, Writer

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Dearest Spartans,

          In an effort to fill this page you see before you, the Spartana has decided to run an advice column, but not just any boring, old run of the mill advice column. In the upcoming issues, the Spartana will introduce June’s Juice, a column devoted to answering your strange and unusual questions as seriously as possible, among other topics. I will gladly…

Contemplate the wisdom of your deep, confusing, weird and/or brilliant shower thoughts

Give you hopefully helpful advice about your friendships, relationships or the best ways to get along with your relatives during a family get together

Spread probably useless but still intriguing DIY tips

Help solve your problems both insignificant and important  

Decipher your dreams

And debate the possible reality of your conspiracy theories.

I will try to answer as many questions as possible. It’s your choice to stay anonymous or I can print your name along with your story. So please, send in your questions, concerns and ponderings to [email protected]

Seriously, ask me anything and I will try my hardest to give you a helpful and vaguely comical answer.

Adios for now Spartans,

June Hill 😉

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