Humans of Homestead

Amber Austin, Nolan North, Grace McGuire and Eli MacDonald

Emmalyn Meyer, Design Editor

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Amber Austin, Sophomore 

I’m really passionate about being a doctor, and I want to be a chronic pain specialist. I think about that every day, and I try to plan out what college I’m going to, what medical school I’m going to and what steps I need to take to be a doctor. I shadow my parents sometimes; I also reach out to schools to see what their program is like and what I should major in. As a kid, I always wanted to be an anesthesiologist, because that’s what my dad does, but now he does chronic pain management, so I want to do that. Basketball has given me a lot of happiness. I love everyone on the basketball team here, so it’s really fun. My biggest achievement is making the varsity team as a freshman. I want to see if I can get an opportunity for a college that gives me an equal mixture of both a basketball and a medical degree.





Nolan North, Junior 

I think a very good way to describe my outlook on life is a quote from Jim Morrison: “I consider myself a sensitive, intelligent human being with the soul of a clown that forces me to blow it at the most crucial moments.” I try to view things as a big picture and I like to do my best. I like helping other people; I’m more worried about what other people’s problems are and that makes you feel better about yourself. I love giving advice. I try not to make too many plans, because they too often change. I just want to not lose sense of humanity. I want to stay down to Earth as much as possible. I’d hate to be a grumpy old person when I grow up.

Grace McGuire, Senior 

I won the “Daughters of the American Revolution” scholarship, and I feel honored. Basically, the scholarship looks for a student who demonstrates dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. After applying for it, which was answering a couple of questions, writing an essay, and providing a resume, I was chosen to represent Homestead at the next level. At this “next level”, I had to complete a timed essay by answering a prompt they gave me and sending it into the DAR. Then, my essay would be in competition with all of the other essays from students representing other high schools in Fort Wayne. Because of this, I went to a ceremony at the ACPL downtown to give a speech and represent Homestead. I did not win at the next level, but it was an amazing experience. I found out about it from the scholarship listings on Homestead’s webpage. Winning the award makes me feel truly honored.

Eli MacDonald, Junior 

Sometimes, we’re reading in English class, but I’ll be staring off into space and not thinking about it, but I’m supposed to be reading aloud. One time, we just sat there for thirty seconds in silence, with no one saying anything. And then I realized that I was supposed to be reading. That was embarrassing. It was this year, too, in English Lit.

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