Radio and TV Team Competes at IASB

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Radio and TV Team Competes at IASB

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The Homestead radio team recently competed at IASB on March 11 at the University of Indianapolis.

    “The radio program focuses on broadcasting all year long…and we have the opportunity once a year to go to IASB, Indiana Association of School Broadcasters, so we focus…our work all year long towards those competition categories that we then compete in,” Cory Balkenbusch (12), said.

    Homestead won Radio School of the Year for the third year in a row after competing against more than fifty schools, career centers, and vocational programs throughout Indiana.

   Individuals on the radio team such as Cory Balkenbusch (12), Matt Saalfrank (10), and Christina Kruger (10) each placed first in several categories. Balkenbusch won for Sportscast, Saalfrank won in Play-by-Play, and Kruger won for her Spot Production, which is a 30-second audio promotion for The Point 91FM.

    “[At IASB] there’s a vast number of categories you can do. Most of it is stuff that is prerecorded and prejudged, but then there’s a couple of students every year that go down and compete live. Me and Carson Clymer both went down and competed live in the Live Radio News [category],” Balkenbusch, said.

    Homestead also competed in the Television category where Derek Hockemeyer (11) placed second for Music Video and HHS In-Depth earned Honorable Mention for School Newscast.

    “Radio and TV is fun [and] it definitely builds your confidence…because you learn how to speak…clearly and enunciate and make very clear what you’re trying to say, in addition to [being] in front of people….It really is an enjoyable program,” Balkenbusch, said.

   Students interested in joining the radio and broadcasting team can sign up for the Intro to Radio and TV class, which is one semester of radio and one semester of television. From there, it can be decided on whether you want to join the radio or TV team.

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