Shrinking Cookies

There has been some noticeable cookie shrinkage recently. Writer Julia Epling finds out why.

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Shrinking Cookies

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The Homestead cafeteria recently made their cookies smaller than they were last semester, and many students are wondering why.

   “Our school district was being audited by the State of Indiana, as a part of the Department of Education food service audit this February. In our preparation for the upcoming audit, we discovered that the cookie size was too large to meet the criteria of the Dept of Education. The cookie size was reduced to the proper serving size,” Brant Brown, Head of Food Services, said.
    Despite being smaller in size, the cookies sell for the same price as they did before – 50 cents.

    “We feel like the cookie price is still a good deal, even at the smaller size,” Brown, said.

    The cafeteria is separate from the school, and therefore none of the Homestead staff can control how they decide lunch prices.

    Because of the popularity of the cookies, the cafeteria staff works hard to make enough for both of the staff and students.

   “On average, about 500 per day [and] our bakers start their work day at 6am most mornings,” Brown, said.

    The cafeteria sells cookies everyday with a variety of different flavors including, but not limited to, chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, peanut butter, no-bake, and frosting-sugar.

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