Twins: Erika and Jessica Poiry


Claire Elliott, Writer

Erika: Last year in July we went to Colorado and were backpacking in the Rocky Mountains. All of a sudden our leader got all serious, and goes, ‘look at me…’ then we all turn around to see what it was, not looking at him obviously, and he continued, ‘…that’s a bear.’ We all freaked out and went down the hill slowly to get away from it. Jessica, being daring, decided to sleep outside the tent. Then, the next morning I got woken up to Brianna’s hand around my neck and it scared me horribly. Then she shushed me quickly and said, ‘There is a bear right outside of our tent!’ I quickly slid under the edge of the tent and grabbed her [Jessica’s] sleeping bag and pulled her in with us. She had no idea the bear was there, and still, to this day, wonders why I freaked out so much because, ‘it was just a bear and didn’t hurt her.’ I don’t think I will ever understand that girl’s thought process despite her being my twin Erika Poiry (12) said. 


Jessica: She gets mad at me over nothing and then more mad when I get mad back. We always argue about taking each other’s toilet paper. I swear my toilet paper rolls always go missing and I will go into her room and find them and she will never ever admit that she’s taken them. She could literally just take a handful but yet she takes the whole roll every single time and leaves me with absolutely nothing Jessica Poiry (12) said.