Twins: Ian and Noah Smith

Twins: Ian and Noah Smith

Claire Elliott, Writer

For this issue of the Spartana, we decided to look into the lives of four pairs of twins at Homestead.

Ian Smith (10)

Being a twin is definitely a lot of fun but it can also be a bit competitive. We do the same sport, soccer, and playing together is one of the best things ever. Winning big games together is one of the most awesome things I can think of. Last year we won our division and got put into one of the top leagues. 

Noah Smith (10)

We are identical, so people mix us up all the time. But, being a twin, since we do lots of things together, is really fun. One of our most fun experiences together  is going on spring break. We go out to Florida and go jet skiing on the ocean and hang out on the beach, Noah Smith (10) said.