An Ode To Target


Claire Elliott, Writer and Desginer

Candy Canes

        The crimson color rose high in the sky, illuminating the dark streets, exposing every secret desire through the manipulation of capitalistic prospects. Target. Its sales, steals and deals leave many in awe. The seasonal decorations catch eyes and draw easy victims into the doom of impending bankruptcy. It is beautiful, destructive, alluring and dangerous.

       “It’s pretty good,” Gabie Querry (11) said. Querry agrees that Target’s atmosphere more than ideal. 

       “I like its Dollar Thing” Querry said, regarding one of the stores more popular sections, featuring an array of items all under the price of ten dollars. 

        Amelia Elliott (10) recalls many experiences in the Target dollar section, 

       “One time in seventh grade I was sliding across the floor in the dollar section, and a worker told me to get up off the floor,” Amelia Elliott (10) said. 

        However, Querry’s favorite Target products are the swimsuits. Around early March, the store imports thousands of swimsuits for spring break. 

Stockings at Target (SHREK)

       “You can buy anything there,” Lillian Trinh (11) said. 

        Trinh got a fashionable sweater for under fifteen dollars. The sweater is a medium gray, with various species of butterflies scattered around in an orderly manner.

        Target’s kiosks, too, are worthy of praise. Around the holiday season, stations are placed in the most used aisles, featuring hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, bath bombs and more. 

        In her free time, Elliott likes to go to Target to try on the hot dog costumes.

       “The best time is around Halloween,” Elliott said.     

        However, around Christmas, Elliott loves to pick out fake trees for her room, along with other decorations. 

       “It is a family tradition to pick out an ornament every year from Target,” Elliott said. 

        Target is also a great place for a job, as they offer thirteen dollars an hour. 

        Target has obviously manifested itself in people’s lives in more ways than one. From intimate family holidays to a consistent fashion outlet, Target remains in people’s lives throughout the year, including the diverse holidays. Should people thank Target for all that it has done for them, or be fearful of its growing power?

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