7 (Almost Free) Things to Do While Shopping


Mikayla Havison, Editor-In-Chief

When shopping with friends, it is easy to lose interest. Spending time out with friends can be fun, but when nobody is interested in spending money or has different shopping interests, the day can become tiresome, rather than fun; however, when the shopping hits a lull there are a few solutions.

#1- Guess the mystery flavor at Red Mango

If you find yourselves at Jefferson Pointe, make sure to stop by Red Mango. Not only can you gorge yourselves on free samples, you can also attempt to guess the mystery flavor. Each customer is allowed to have one guess per day and if you guess correctly, you can get a discount on your frozen yogurt. Red Mango is also relatively inexpensive, so even if you do not guess correct, you may still be able to afford a frozen treat.

#2-Get a massage (for free)

Shopping, both before and after the holiday, can be stressful and make you crave a relaxing massage, but massages are a) expensive and b) somewhat uncomfortable when another person is karate chopping your back. The massage chairs at the mall can also be expensive, charging you upwards of $5 for a 10 or 15 minute massage. If you want to circumvent these unnecessary fees, make your way to Bed Bath & Beyond or a furniture store and give their chairs a “test run.” Keep in mind that you should still allow customers actually interested in purchasing to give the chairs a try, but a few minutes will not hurt anyone and allow you to experience some relaxation.

#3- Go to Darlington Holiday Warehouse

If you are doing your holiday shopping near Glenbrook Square, make sure to stop by Darlington Warehouse. Not only are all regular-priced items $1.79, there are also coupons on their website for free regular and food items. Additionally, they frequently have free hot-dogs and ice cream sandwiches, making it a great place to check out before Christmas. From fluffy socks to hilarious calendars, Darlington has something for everyone on your list.

#4- Eat some (free) chocolate

One of the less known facts about the notorious DeBrands Chocolate is that they frequently have samples. When you go to any of their locations, make sure to ask what the daily sample is and reward your knowledge with a delicious piece of chocolate. If you are interested in spending some money, try splitting the ice cream sundae with friends. The serving is huge, so there is plenty for everyone and helps to divide the cost.

#5- Try on some shades 

Another fun way to pass the time at Glenbrook is to head over to the Sunglasses Hut and try on some sick shades. The store is not typically that busy, so the employees do not seem to mind if you try on a few pairs. Although the glasses are probably out of the budget of most highschoolers, it certainly does not hurt to try on a few pairs, even if just for laughs.

#6- Try some ranch soda 

Another inexpensive option when at Jefferson Pointe is to stop at the new candy store, Rocket Fizz. Known best for their sodas, Rocket Fizz has 500 different types of soda, as well as candy from the past, the present, and all over the world. If you are looking to try something fun with friends, invest a few dollars in ranch, barbecue or pie soda, and enjoy the flavor experience.

#7- Ride a scooter

If shopping takes you downtown, a nice brain break can be found on the many scooters, littering the streets. Veoride recently placed scooters downtown, which you can take advantage of by using their app. The go surprisingly fast and are inexpensive for the consumer. Whether you use them to get from point a to b or just for fun, the Veorides are sure to give you an enjoyable experience. Just make sure to watch for cars.