Homestead Cinnamon Rolls No Longer


Matthew Quintos, Online Editor

Friends, students, lend me your ears…

     The warm, gooey goodness of Homestead’s fresh cinnamon rolls drifts through the air as students rejoice upon reaching the end of the week. The lines were long and the lunch period short, but the students of Homestead were determined to reap their week’s toils in sugary goodness. 

     Currently, students will find themselves waiting in vain for their weekly cinnamon roll(s). As some students have noticed, the Homestead cinnamon rolls have been indefinitely suspended. The source of this atrocity, none other than the Indiana government. Childhood obesity…whole grains…nutritious lunches…yada, yada. 

     What, may you ask, have the cinnamon rolls been replaced with? A small, dry puck of a “roll” with as much flavor as organic cardboard. This so called “cinnamon roll” is a sorry excuse for a “dessert,” and a larger one for those who decided to purchase it. The only redeeming quality of this roll is its small size, ensuring uninformed consumers do not have to suffer from Dante’s seven levels of hell for long. 

     But wait, the plot thickens. Last week, as some sharp Homestead students noticed, the new “healthy alternative” cinnamon roll was missing from the Grab-and-go line. Upon further inquiry, The Spartana found out that this roll had been decidedly discontinued. 

     What’s next for the future of the Homestead cinnamon roll? Who knows? The fate of the Homestead cinnamon roll remains in limbo. It is up to us loyal students to stay true to the Homestead tradition and fight for our right to consume copious amounts of sugar.  

     The movement is starting. Concerned students and staff, it is up to you to voice your concerns to our leaders. If you believe in puppies, rainbows and international peace, for the love of all that is holy, sign the petition to bring back the cinnamon rolls, sign the petition to restore our freedom, sign the petition to ensure our right to self determination in our culinary choices remains protected for future generations of Spartans.

     For your kids and grandkids, join the movement and click the link below to add your name to the petition: