Twins: Levi and Isaac Hallman


Claire Elliott, Writer/Designer

Levi’s Story:

When Isaac and I were in preschool our parents would dress us alike. After a few days, they got a call from the preschool saying that they needed to dress us in different clothes because we were freaking the other kids out. The other preschoolers didn’t understand the concept of twins so they thought that one person was in two places at once. That’s something I always laugh about when I think of it.

I am always asked what it’s like being a twin and I never know what to say. I usually say that it’s hard to explain because it’s all I’ve known. I really couldn’t tell you the differences between being a twin and not being a twin because I don’t know what it’s like to not have a sibling who is your own age and shares the same interests, friends and room. But I do believe Isaac helped me to be my best self.

Isaac’s Story:

It’s always awkward when the waiter hears the same thing twice from what looks like the same person. Since we have the same genes, we have pretty similar tastes so we usually end up getting the same thing. I always try to get my order in first so that I don’t have to be the one to repeat an order! I feel like without soccer my life would be much different. I started playing soccer when I was around five years old and started playing travel soccer in 6th grade. This year I am on the Homestead varsity soccer team as the starting goalkeeper. I think one thing that has really helped me as a player is my willingness to work hard. While some people like to goof off or mess around at practice, I take it seriously and work hard to get results. One thing I’ve learned from my soccer experience is how much hard work can pay off!