The Importance of the New Decade

What 2020 and the Rest of the Decade should mean to Students


Jacob Houser, Writer

As we all know (how could we not), a new decade has begun. We’re only 10 days in, but I have felt strongly about this topic for all 20 days of this new decade, and on a lesser scale, this year, said topic being what this new decade should mean to Homestead’s student body.

At the end of this next ten years, we will all (hopefully) be in our early to late 20s. We will all be almost through with or finished with college (unless you chose not to go), and possibly at the start of what will be the career for the rest of our lives. This next decade is the most important of our lives- the late 2000s and all of the 2010s were for growing up and developing a sense of identity, which is undeniably important to any person, but in the 2020s, we will fully establish the identity we formed over the last decade, and, as we grow into adults, what we created for ourselves will become more of a part of ourselves than what it ever was before. Furthermore, we could all have families by the end of these next ten years.

Taking this all into consideration is probably hard because of how long ten years is. That’s completely understandable. But, as weird as it might be to realize all of this could happen within the next ten years, it’s still important to look forward and prioritize a good future over all else. Lots of what happens next depends on how we perform in school for the next few years, whether you’re a freshman or a senior.

Hopefully everything I just listed instills in you the belief that this decade really is the most important of our lives- what we do next will be a major factor in how everything else in our lives plays out. But, we’re only at the beginning of 2020, so while it’s always good to look forward, it’s just as good to take it slow. Have a good year and a better decade.