Showing Off

Anna Topmiller, Writer

    If you love singing, dancing, and being part of a group that allows you to express yourself through the performing arts, then you are probably already part of one of Homestead’s show choirs. 

     “When I first joined show choir last year, I didn’t really know what to expect, but after being in it for a while, I really grew to love how we are all a big family! I love how everyone is just so supportive of each other. I wish I joined show choir sooner because it is such a great experience,” said Maddison Zitlaw (11).

     Many people enjoy the feeling of home and community that show choir can provide them with.

     “Group chemistry: there’s always a moment in our season where our group just clicks and it’s an amazing feeling once we hit that,” said Mackenzie Lee (11).

     At Homestead, there are two award winning show choirs, Elite and Class Royale, and a decorated backup band, Anonymous Blue. 

     “We have won best band for each of our two competitions so far,” said Cutter Mask (12).

     The show choirs work hard all through the fall semester so that they can hit the ground running when competition season picks up in the winter.

     “So far, the season has been great for Elite. We won grand champion at our first competition with best vocal and best choreography.  We got second place at our second competition with best vocals,” said Mekayla Wheeler (10). 

     The Homestead Show Choirs are hard at work to do well in the throes of competition season.  The huge time commitment requires tons of passion and dedication from each person in the Elite, Class Royale, and Anonymous Blue. 

     “My least favorite part would be the early mornings,” said Wheeler.

     Sometimes competition days can be long, so a positive attitude is a must.   

     “My favorite part if being in show choir is making memories during competition season and getting to know everyone!  Sometimes the competition days get a little long and tiring after a while, but sometimes that makes it more fun because everyone acts funny,” said Zitlaw.

     The co-curricular class is hugely popular and successful.  This means that people in the show choirs and Anonymous Blue sacrifice a class period that they could be using as a study hall or another class for their passion.  People in the freshman class to seniors use Elite, Class Royale, or Anonymous Blue are able to express themselves through music and find something that they are passionate about and enjoy. 

     “I love when we get to competition season and we finally get to compete after months of hard work and it has all paid off.  I get to go onstage and perform and do something I absolutely love doing with an amazing group of people,” said Lee.

     “Being in Anonymous Blue, the show choir backup band, the best part is getting to play some rad tunes with other really talented musicians,” said Mask.

     If you are thinking about and/or wanting to join show choir, get out to auditions this spring!  Auditions for the 2020-2021 seasons of Elite and Class Royale will be held on Wednesday, March 25.  They are being held in the choir room and start at 3:00 pm. Visit the Homestead show choirs website at for more information.  Anonymous Blue auditions for 2020-2021 will be held during the fall or winter of next school year.

     “For those wanting to carry on the legacy, make sure you practice the music –  it’s pretty difficult. Go in with an open mind. I was originally auditioning for the drum set, but instead of getting booted out, I got to play the vibraphone and stay in with the group,” said Mask.

     Make sure to see Elite, Class Royale, and Anonymous Blue this competition season and support the Spartans in the performing arts and all their hard work.

      “I highly recommend seeing Class Royale and Elite’s shows this year because they’re probably my favorite shows we’ve done!” said Lee.