Too Busy to be Bored


Hafsa Ibrahim, Writer/Designer

Being a teacher involves repeating the set requirements of the curriculum as well as standard class procedures with each new group of students, every year. Naturally, this can become extremely boring after years of teaching. Each day may feel repetitive, tedious and uneventful. But is this truly the case? 

“[My] job has too many interesting parts,” Rauber said. “Sometimes I get bored if it is during a standardized test where I am supposed to be monitoring students and not doing anything else. Standardized tests are not the most exciting to take and watching people take a standardized test is 100% less exciting than that.”

It seems that instead of being a boring cycle year after year, teaching is, in reality, a job bombarded by multiple sporadic events, planning for the day, and rushing to accomplish all the required tasks to stay on schedule. There are many thrilling aspects of being a teacher, due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the day-to-day. 

“Every day is a new challenge and there is always something to do or something that can be changed to improve,” Panning said. 

Clearly, there is much to be done during the school day that occupies the time of teachers, which, as a result, leaves no time to be bored or inactive. This, in turn, makes coming to school more enjoyable for both teachers and students, and elicits productivity and efficiency in the classroom.   

“Rarely do I experience boredom,” Hamilton said. “My days tend to be on the crazy busy side, so boredom?  What’s that?” 

The satisfaction of being able to educate students in order to enhance their potential and knowledge is an incredible feeling, and it motivates teachers and fills their days with excitement and optimism. It seems as though the occasional boredom of working in a school is overcome by the multitude of other exhilarating and inspiring things that teachers are tasked with doing. Each day is a new experience, filled with entertaining conversations with students, new lesson plans, and new opportunities to utilize the time in class to hopefully learn something worthwhile. And while some teachers have more free time than do others, the unique and special connections that students have with teachers make the job much more meaningful, and each year more memorable. 

 “[The students] are fun, bright, kind, interesting, hilarious, and just amazing. It’s not every person whose job lets them meet the future every day that they work, but I get to do that. Some people may get depressed about the future, but I never do because I see who will be running the world. It is in good hands” Rauber said.