Biden Our Time


Jacob Houser, Writer

As of November 7, the day this story is being typed, the Associated Press has called Joe Biden as the projected winner of the Presidential Election of the United States of America. As of November 13, the day this story is being finalized, the result remains the same. The 2020 Electionwas seen by many both school-wide and nationwide as one of the most important recent memory, as many issues had arisen over the past years, namely the COVID-19 outbreak that has taken front and center stage in the current chapter of our lives. Discontent with those in office had been growing since 2016, and it seems to have boiled over in a wild inferno that took multiple days to subside.

In the aftermath of what’s occurred over the past few weeks, visions for the future have begun to emerge rapidly. Under the President-Elect Biden, America seeks to rid itself of the COVID-19 virus as well as many policies installed over the years by President Trump. Citizens called for new beginnings. Their calls might have been answered.
Donald Trump’s tenure has been full of ups and downs, and that sentiment can be easily enforced by asking around your school, neighborhood, workplace, or any group of people in general. He was the champion of the Republican party because of his economically savvy approach to running the country, among other things, and to his credit, that area of his approach worked well, as America’s economy was flourishing after a long bear market under previous Presidents. Giving credit where credit is due is necessary, but as an American citizen we have to hold the people we choose to run the country accountable. To the American people, President Trump just wasn’t the best option this time around. His cynical approach towards the COVID-19 outbreak and national social issues was not met with much praise, and it was collectively decided the country needed a breath of fresh air. As previously stated, credit is given where credit is due, and despite Trump’s efficient tenure as President, America was not as satisfied on the social end as they were on the fiscal end. That may be an understatement, to say the least, but Trump might have secured his place in the top half of recent Presidents off of his efficiency alone. There have been and will be better and worse Presidents. President Trump will be remembered dearly by some and sourly by others, but that’s life. The past is the past, so let’s address the future.

As with every President-Elect, Biden has made lots of large and important promises that he has to pull through with during his time in office lest he suffer the same one-term fate as President Trump. While President Trump’s campaign stood on fixing what was wrong with the country economically, Biden seems to have adopted an approach that will look to bridge together a divided country socially. This doesn’t mean that Biden will ignore the economy, and it’s impossible to do that anyways. Biden has promised to do things such as change the tax code to keep companies in the country, send out $300b in funding to create jobs, put an end to theft of American intellectual property, the 10-20-30 plan for rural Americans, and allocation of funding to women and communities of people of color (all of these were highlighted in Issue 3 of the Spartana!). Among these, he has also supported raising the minimum wage to $15, student loan debt forgiveness, and expanding of tuition-free colleges.

Now that we know Biden’s economic approach, we should also take a look at what he aims to do socially during his first term (and possibly second). On a worldwide scale, Biden has promised to fix relationships with US allies, specifically the NATO alliance. He also looks to hold China accountable for what he has deemed as unfair practices in environment and trade. He promised to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement and subsequently de-nuclearize North Korea (both of these promises were also highlighted in Spartana Issue 3).

On a national scale, Biden has promised to undo several of Trump’s immigration policies within his first 100 days in office. He seeks to reverse policies that separate parents from their children in border security, end the “Muslim bans”, which are travel bans inflicted on multiple countries with primarily Muslim polulations, protect the “Dreamers”- people brought to the country illegally at a young age that were permitted to stay under President Obama, allow transgender service members, universal pre-school access., and just overall better times socially, as both America and Biden look to settle the issues raised by recent social unrest.
These promises will take a lot of money and a lot of hard work to fulfill, but Biden would not have been elected had America not believed he could get it done. This election especially means a lot to Homestead as it ties directly into every grade’s future. It mattered enough to adults, but whatever occurs during Biden’s presidency may determine whether we as a collective group will be able to remain on our feet during our fledgling years as adults. Here’s to hoping Joe fulfills his promises, and to a productive future to all of us as a generation. America has done enough looking into the past during the countdown to the Election, so hopefully everyone can take the time to look at the present and future ahead.

Regardless of whether you as a reader supported Biden, we have to begin our adult lives and live through his first term. Best of luck to Biden and our generation during his first term.