How to Be the Main Character in Your Life


June Hill, Editor-in-Chief

Over the summer, Gen Z coined the term “main character energy” on TikTok, describing themselves or others as interesting and enigmatic. Such people have a positive mindset which allows them to romanticize their lives and thrive in the moment. It is easy to say we all want to be main characters, but in most movies, the main character’s life revolves around their interactions with others. They go to prom, attend big parties, and play sports, but obviously, most of those group activities have been put on hold due to the coronavirus. So how do you achieve main character energy in a year that is nothing like a coming-of-age film?

Step 1 : Put your phone away

How often do you see your favorite main characters sitting on their phones scrolling through social media? Yeah. Not a lot. Social media allows other people’s lives to encroach on your own, and before you know it you are more concerned about some influencer’s fabulous new bedroom remodel than that pile of dirty laundry sitting on your chair. You would be amazed at how much time you have in a day when you finally put your phone down, but if you aren’t willing to do that, you can at least delete Instagram or TikTok for a few hours. Staying away from your phone will make it so much easier to really embrace that main character energy. 

Step 2: Try something new

You know that thing that you have been wanting to try but keep making up excuses not to? Maybe it’s taking up guitar or learning to make donuts but you always find a reason to delay actually starting. No more! Main characters are interesting because they are passionate about whatever it is they do. And once you start that new hobby, be proud of it!  Enough of that “Oh, I only did it because I was bored” nonsense. If you are actually excited about something you created or learned don’t be embarrassed to show your interest in it. A main character certainly wouldn’t. 

Step three: Appreciate the little things

This goes hand in hand with step two, but main characters know how to live in the moment. Go on a walk with your dog. Admire the sunset. Cook pancakes with your family. Do whatever it takes to slow down and enjoy your life. These days near the end of the semester can start to feel painfully repetitive, so making time to do something unique every day and taking a moment to appreciate it will keep things interesting. 

Step four: Mix up your closet 

It seems like many people took quarantine as an opportunity to embrace their sense of style,which is great, but there is no need to stop now! Wear whatever makes you feel happy and powerful, because confidence is a major part of main character energy. It can be scary to wear something unique, but you will never know how many compliments you missed out on when you play it safe.

Step five: Take time for yourself

Know that main character energy is a mindset, and it is just one way to fight off that seasonal depression. Even main characters feel down sometimes and that’s why it’s important to relax and take a breath. Some good ways to do this include watching a movie, taking a shower or bath, and making yourself food. Something indulgent and perfectly satisfying, of course, like chocolate chip cookies. 

Step Six: Make a playlist

Coming of age films are always equipped with the perfect soundtracks. Ask yourself: what songs would be playing in the upbeat and happy scenes of your movie? What about the more dramatic or moody moments? Compile these songs onto a playlist and title it something totally weird because why not. Making a main character playlist is also something fun to do with friends. 

Step seven: Accept and love the you there is

Most importantly, don’t let other people be the main character in your life. You can’t let others determine what you do or how you present yourself because it is your life, not theirs! And the same goes for you. Don’t try to be someone else’s main character. 

You know how you adore those certain main characters. They stick with you because their stories are so well written. That is the real key to being a main character: loving yourself. Appreciate all that you do because you deserve self-love.