A Divided Christmas


Luke Land

While many families get to relax and enjoy the holidays, others have to celebrate a little differently. Those with divorced parents must share their Christmas cheer with two entirely separate sides of the family.

Not being able to see your mother and father at the same time on Christmas is hard. 

Carlea Thomas, 10, usually starts the Christmas festivities with her father. “Typically each year I will spend Christmas Eve at [my dad’s] house and we act as if Christmas Eve is Christmas Day morning.” Thomas said. 

Thomas’ does not have much trouble getting from one house to another. “My mother and father get along fairly well so transportation is not a problem.” Thomas said.

Kealynn Tunks, 10, has a very similar Christmas to Thomas. “I usually spend the night at one for their upsides on Christmas Eve and then celebrate in the morning, then go to the other house for afternoon and evening.” Tunks said.

Tunks also does not have any problems going from one house to the next. “There is no trouble [traveling] because they are fairly close together.” Tunks said. 

Christmas for students with separated families can be a struggle. Overall, these two don’t have many struggles with the Christmas season. They know how to get through it without chaos. Merry Christmas everyone.