Ultimate Christmas List


Julia Epling, Writer and Designer

Believe it or not, Christmas is quickly approaching, which means you may or may not have started your endless hours of online and in-person shopping hours. Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for your loved ones without destroying their bank account in the process.

Don’t worry, because here you’ll find some of the best gifts of 2020 that your family, friends, or anyone else you’re giving to will enjoy. 

Unfortunately, the holiday season can be insanely expensive for teenagers and adults alike. If we lived in a Hallmark movie world, we could buy all the gifts on our loved one’s wish list without thinking twice. However, because that’s not the case, look at these amazing gifts under $20 for your mom, dad, sibling, friend and everyone in between.

Gifts Under $20

Pet Portrait Necklace — MIGNONANDMIGNON

etsy.com $19.99

This necklace is perfect for pet lovers. For only $20, you can have your pet’s picture and name engraved into the jewelry.

Urban Outfitters Cable Bite — URBAN OUTFITTERS

urbanoutfitters.com $6.00

This decorative cable bite is a cute way to prevent your wire from fraying and bending. It’s perfect as a stocking stuffer for anyone.

Handwrapped Crystal Necklace

etsy.com $10.00

These beautiful crystals are wrapped around with wire so you can take them with you wherever you go. Available stones include quartz, tiger eye, and pyrite.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea — TEA DROPS

amazon.com $16.99

For all the tea lovers in your life, these drops are an easy way to enjoy the sweet flavor. No strainers required: They can drop these adorably shaped teas straight into their mug. This 8-piece sampler set will give them a taste of all that Tea Drops has to offer, ranging from caffeinated green tea to cooling sweet peppermint. 

Facial Mask Set — FACETORY

amazon.com $15.71

This five-piece set comes with masks to target the most common skin concerns including acne, hydration, clogged pores, and more. 

Ticket Stub Diary — CHRONICLE BOOKS

amazon.com $10.14

If you know anyone that loves concerts, movies and adventures, they can remember each memory with a book that can keep all of their ticket stubs safe for years to come.

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

uncommongoods.com $15.00

This poster features 100 iconic books that readers can scratch off as they go. 

DIY Gifts

Snow Globe

This one-of-a-kind snowglobe only requires a few simple things to make and takes less than 10 minutes. Get the tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.


A glass terrarium is the perfect way to display smaller plants, and this one can be made by recycling old picture frames. Get the tutorial here.

Fleece Blanket

Give the gift of warmth this year by making this super easy fleece blanket that anyone can use! Get the tutorial from It’s Always Autumn.

Peppermint Candle

Candles are a great gift for almost everyone, and if you haven’t made one before, you’d be surprised with how easy they are! Find the tutorial here. 

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Perfect for those cold winter nights, gift these sweet peppermint treats.

To make: Dip ends of candy canes in your favorite kind of melted chocolate. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes; place on a parchment paper–lined plate, and chill. Once they’re cold, place them in a mason jar for wrapping.

Gingerbread Fudge

Another sweet, delicious holiday treat that anyone would love. Wrap it in a fun holiday tin box once you’re done! Get the recipe at Delish.