The Differences in Quarantine Experience

Differences in Daily Life during the Quarantine


Jacob Houser, Writer/Designer

        Since March of this year, each and every one of us has been shut inside our homes because of the COVID-19 virus. This is common knowledge by now, and if it isn’t, then you may or may not be living under a rock (no offense). It’s now reaching Christmas, and aside from the initial, massive shift in lifestyle at the beginning of quarantine, not much has changed and we are returning to as close to normalcy as we possibly can while still attempting to remain aware of the rapidly fluctuating number of cases. 

        Everyone has had the same experience during this entire fiasco in terms of conduct in public- everyone has to wear a mask, social distancing is encouraged, sanitization of surfaces post-contact is also encouraged, so on and so forth. Again, common knowledge. 

        However, something that does catch interest is the wild variety of situations in personal lives post-initial-quarantine-craze. The USA in Spring and early Summer was wild because of circumstances we had never encountered before, thus creating massive ripples throughout society, economically and lifestyle-wise. 

        The changes me and my friend have experienced in terms of daily life are proof enough, at least in my case. I live in a larger-sized house, with 4 family members- my parents and my two younger brothers, plus two dogs, and my parents work from home, so everyone is home all day. My family has been extremely fortunate, as far as avoiding fiscal problems go, and for that I am thankful. However, we have encountered the more common issues such as finding the right groceries, trying to get as many cleaning products as possible because of the amount of hoarding going one, and just general paranoia and hyper-awareness as the whirlwind that is daily life in the modern United States continues to swirl around the nation. 

        My friend Brycton (11) has had a similar experience in some ways and a different experience in others. He is one of two children, however, his brother is currently in Florida, which has made him the only child at home for almost the entirety of quarantine. His mom stays at home and his dad works outside of the house, which leaves Brycton in charge of chores most of the time, as well as taking care of his (cute) dog Bella, and the rest of the house.

        “Life has been super boring, more than anything else, since quarantine,” said Vollmer. “I am thankful that we’ve done well financially during the lockdown, and at the beginning of quarantine we had some trouble getting cleaning supplies and whatnot like everyone else, but thankfully we’re past that now.”

        “The one real difference I’ve noticed in recent life is just how much harder school is now that help in classes has become super scarce since we are all online. I have been attending online since a couple of weeks after the beginning of the year, and being self-sufficient is definitely tougher in terms of school because of how much research you have to do for each and every class.”

        “The increased work around the house hasn’t bothered me much because it’s necessary. It’s not really productive to be annoyed because we’re in a pandemic and my parents may need all of the help they can get at times. Overall, I’m just glad to be alive and doing pretty well.”

        I think Brycton’s statements hit the nail on the head- we are all glad to be alive and doing pretty well in times like these.