Gifts from the Nether Regions of the Internet

This article was inspired by the New York Times.


June Hill, Editor-In-Chief

There are some strange things out there on the internet. To prove it, I have compiled a bunch of gift ideas for the holiday season. I mean, they probably won’t arrive this year, but maybe by 2025! 

These scary guys will ward off any unwanted visitors, like people with corona, and then your new rainboot-clad ducks will happily welcome the visitors you do want on your front porch.

Use this fishing pole campfire roaster when you find marshmallows that cook at the same time and temperature as a hotdog. 

You need these birds. I need these birds. We all need these birds. 

Some hands for the aspiring beautician in your life. 

A pair of teeny tiny baby airpods. Maybe for your chameleon. 

An inflatable costume for all your inflatable costume needs. 

Next time someone is tracking your footprints pull on these socks to help disguise yourself. 

It seems smart to buy a $700 boat/bike online right?

These finger hats will enhance your video gameplay. 

An anglerfish sculpture to decorate your space. 

Buy this plushie burrito pillow for your Mexican food loving pal.