Order Takeout; Save Local Restaurants

Order Takeout; Save Local Restaurants

June Hill, Editor-in-Chief

We all know COVID-19 has not been easy on the restaurant industry. According to CNN, 17% of restaurants have shut down nationwide due to the pandemic, and locally, things are no different. Small restaurants are struggling to stay afloat and one way to support them safely is by simply ordering takeout. This month I have gathered a few top choices around Fort Wayne for the next time you or your family does not want to cook at home. Remember to tip generously and I hope you enjoy these ideas!


Burmese food is always excellent for take-out. The pad thai at Mahnin is a safe and delicious option if it is your first time ordering from there – just be sure to get some egg rolls too. Like Seoul Garden, Mahnin is moderately priced but you get a satisfyingly large entree that will enough for lunch the next day.

Taj Mahal and Taste of India

These two Indian restaurants are close to my heart, especially Taste of India, which has been my family’s go-to Indian takeout place my whole life. The samosas are a 10, and the butter chicken and saag paneer also always make it on our order. And you can’t go without the Naan! For an Indian take-out option closer to Homestead I would recommend Taj Mahal, which I was introduced to more recently, but is also very good.

Mo’s Tacos

Have you ever heard of El Azteca on State street? Some people like to say it is the best Mexican food in Fort Wayne. They are wrong. You can find far superior and more authentic Mexican food inside a Marathon gas station on Goshen Road. Best chorizo tacos I have ever had in my 18 years on this planet. My parents somehow always end up ordering from there on nights that I work and then I resent them for the next few days. Super cheap, super delicious, highly recommend it.

Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden is a small Korean restaurant with what might be the very best fried rice and Bibimbap in Fort Wayne. The food is moderately priced, but each full-sized entree could easily be split between two people. I have eaten at Seoul Garden for as long as I can remember and it would be heartbreaking for them to go out of business because of this pandemic!


Technically this is a chain, but Fort Wayne’s BurgerFi is the only location in Indiana, so we have to keep it running. The french fries are to die for and the burgers actually look the way they do in the advertisements. Prices are moderate and the menu is extremely versatile, catering to vegan and gluten-free diets with the Beyond burger and alternative bun choices.