Student Government vs. COVID-19


Kaiya Cronkhite, Writer

What has student council been doing all year? Students know they plan events and school fundraisers, but how has COVID-19 affected this and what are they currently doing? Layla Kelly (9), the freshman class secretary, discussed some common questions circling student council. COVID-19 has thrown student council events into turmoil.

“Most of the events that we would plan in a normal year, like semi, have not been able to happen. We’ve had a lot less to do because there really isn’t a safe way to incorporate the entire school into events,” Kelly (9) said.
Student Council has been incredibly resilient and creative this year with all of the restrictions because of Corona, but what exactly are those restrictions?

Health codes indicate the face covering mandate: “Every individual within the state of Indiana shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when: inside a business, public building, or any other indoor space open to the public, or cannot maintain a social distance of 6 feet.” (Holcomb 4, 2020)

Of course, there is the social distancing mandate: “Every individual within the state of Indiana shall maintain social distancing of 6 feet.” (Holcomb 4, 2020)

These general requirements make planning a lot harder as maintaining 6 feet in crowded school events would be nearly impossible.

Following CDC Guidelines and keeping gatherings small, the student council is making informed choices to keep our school safe against COVID-19. If this was just a normal year without COVID-19, Kelly says “the student council would plan lots of school spirit days and all the major events that students would normally participate in.”

Due to these unique and trying circumstances, they haven’t had an opportunity to do most of this. The student council members may think their workload is currently slow at the moment, but the responsibilities entailed with their jobs are very important to our school and community.
“Normally, there would be a lot more to do, but right now, the most important aspect of being a student government member is being creative. This is such a crazy year, and creativity is the only way for us to make things work,” Kelly said.
The creativity from our amazing student government shines through these events, like the homecoming dress up week and new clubs introduced so far this year.

Student council has done a great job of keeping up traditions freshman could have missed out on this year, and it’s well appreciated.
A common misconception about student council is that they aren’t currently doing anything just because the impacts aren’t always visible.

“Really, we’re still working behind the scenes to keep all of the usual functions running smoothly.” Kelly said.

Freshman Secretary Lola Graf (9) is responsible for taking notes on what happens at council meetings. But due to COVID-19 this year, the student council has only had a few meetings to limit large gatherings.
It’s been difficult for the council to accomplish much since it’s such a large group. They work with representatives from other grades to brainstorm ideas for activities.
Both members of the student council I interviewed said that they would recommend student council to anyone who’s interested. A major part of the student council is being involved with our school and our school community, so if that interests you, then you may want to check out the student council for next year’s elections, when things will hopefully be back to normal again.