Vacation During COVID-19: Tales from Winter Break

Vacation During COVID-19: Tales from Winter Break

Luke Land

Winter break is a great time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. It is also a great time to enjoy the holidays. Students were interviewed to see what they did during winter break.

Ava Nix, (10), didn’t have a good start to winter break. She unfortunately got COVID-19 a week before the semester ended. Thankfully, she still got to go on her trip to Fort Myers, Florida over break.

She really did not do a lot at Fort Myers due to COVID-19. “Mainly I just hung out with my family,” said Nix. Also, she went shopping and to the beach while she stayed there. She also had a friend close by in Naples, Florida and went to see her as well.

Nix could not do as much as she usually could do. “I usually could go to the beach and rent chairs but we couldn’t this year,” said Nix.

She also said it was a lot different from previous years. “ It was different because when I went to Florida, there were a lot more precautions we had to take. We had to wear masks on the plane and while shopping,” said Nix.

The one thing that Nix could enjoy was swimming. “My favorite activity was swimming because it felt normal,” said Nix.

Coletin Berger, (10), also went to Florida for break, but for a different reason. His family went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for Christmas.

Berger went in tribute for his grandfather who passed away recently. At Disney World, Berger and his family explored Hollywood Studios and also explored the Magic Kingdom.

Berger said it was mostly the same. “It was the same as previous years except my grandpa couldn’t go and we usually go on spring break,” said Berger.

Berger’s favorite thing was seeing the Star Wars area of Disney. “It was definitely the Rise of the Resistance because my grandpa loved Star Wars,” said Berger.

Even with all of the COVID stuff going on, Nix and Berger still found a way to have fun during their winter vacation.