5 Comfort YouTubers you Should be Watching

5 Comfort YouTubers you Should be Watching

June Hill

Ah, Youtube. A place of endless distraction and procrastination. Most of the time, we get stuck watching videos of loud obnoxious teenagers living cooler lives than we do, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Youtube videos can also be a great way to calm down after an exhausting day. For this month’s J List, I present five comfort channels on Youtube. I love all of these people because they aren’t really in it for the money. Youtube is not their  job. They have greater aspirations, and Youtube is simply their way of sharing their journey with the world. So, settle in with a nice snack, and get to know some of my favorite comfort creators.


I just recently started watching Hallease’s videos but I can already tell they are going to get me through college. Her channel features a diverse array of video topics covering pretty much anything you can imagine, but my favorite videos are the ones where she talks about her (many) plants. This woman has quite the green thumb and she makes me want to buy more plants every time I watch a video.

Hallease is comforting because of her calm voice and demeanor. She is professional, but approachable, for even content that discusses personal finance or her producing job are understandable and engaging. She is the kind of adult I hope to be. First video you should watch: House Plant Tour 2020 // I need Your Help Identifying a few Plants


I love this chipper lady with all my heart, I really do. Grackle, also known as Grace Booth, posts many casual, day-in-the-life type videos featuring her majestic cat Banksy, her adorable goon of a father and her passion for baking. I first started watching her videos in quarantine when I needed a healthy dose of normalcy and Grace came through.

She is unapologetically joyful and weird. If she isn’t baking in a video, she is judging birthday cakes or finding London’s best chocolate chip cookie. Grace makes for a perfect lunchtime companion if you like to watch something while you eat.

While some might say her theme is repetitive or even boring, I say comfort lies in predictability, and makes Grackle a perfectly soothing channel. Also, she has an english accent which will make you smile. First video you should watch: I Threw a 1980’s Dinner Party for my Family

Chad and Claire

Imagine the most wholesome two people on earth, and then put them in a tiny van together and watch them explore the world. That is Chad and Claire’s Youtube channel. I got obsessed with their videos back in february when I was heavily considering taking a gap year and decking out a Ford Transit Connect of my own.

On their channel, Chad and Claire travel all over the U.S, from beaches in Maine to California. Where some Youtubers (literally) shout and beg for attention, these two are not overly enthusiastic. Their videos are personal and comforting, with Claire’s soft voice and Chad’s winning smile reaching out through the screen to share their adventures. You can tell that they are in absolute awe of each new place they visit. These two had me very close to taking a gap year. First video you should watch: 48 Hours in Yosemite Valley – What to do in the Springtime

Baumgartner Restoration

Okay, this one is a little weird. I think I binged these videos during junior year when my life felt very cluttered and uncontrollable, but I always felt a little better after watching one of Baumgartner’s videos. On this channel, Julian Baumgartner “opens a window into the world of painting conservation, sharing methods, theory and the delicate work of art,” as his description says. Sometimes you just have to watch a gangly man in his 30’s restore old paintings to their former glory, you know?

Many of the videos are set to classical music, but others feature a voiceover where Julian explains the restoration process of a particular painting as he fixes it up. These types of videos are my favorite. When I really need to clear my head, these videos give me something to focus on, and I always feel like I am learning something. First video you should watch: Big Isn’t Better, It’s Just Better; The Restoration of St. Francis

Kraig Adams

Kraig makes some of the most cinematically stunning videos I have ever seen. He usually posts half-hour long solo hiking videos set in gorgeous locations like Iceland and Alaska. The places he travels to are simply unbelievable, and the videos are completely silent. No chatty voice over, not even any clips of him talking to the camera, just the sounds of nature, and a meditative soundtrack in the background. These videos made me long to go backpacking when we were stuck in quarantine, and each new trail he hikes gets added to my bucket list.

These are such soothing videos, and sometimes I even watch them to help me fall asleep. First video you should watch: Hiking 25 Miles on the Mardi Himal Trail in Nepal. This video features a small wite dog that hikes with him. It’s very cute.

Originally Published in the Spartana Issue 7 (April 2021)