Keeping Up with the Freshmen

Keeping Up with the Freshmen

Ganga Subramanian

As the 2020-2021 school year finishes its first two months on a high note, Homestead’s class of 2024 takes their place as our current class of freshmen. Their high school career may have gotten off to a rocky start due to the Covid-19 situation, but they are determined to make the best out of this school year. With new teachers, abundant extracurricular activities and a constantly growing list of clubs, there is no shortage of what opportunities await the freshmen. The Spartana brings you a closer look at the freshmen class of 2024.

  • How do you feel about starting high school in the middle of a pandemic? 

“It’s not the most ideal situation, I feel like nobody would want this. But the big thing is, I’m glad it was my freshman year rather than my senior year where all the important college stuff and big things in your life happen. There’s less of a precedent that you have to be like, ‘whoa this is so different from last year’ well, it’s gonna be different regardless of if you’re a freshman cause high school versus middle is very different.” – Emily Adams (9).

“It’s honestly not that bad. I prefer high school over middle school since the higher pressure at school makes me not put stuff off to the next day and I actually get work done the day it’s due which is more beneficial.” – Miguel Guzman (9)

“It’s weird since we’re new to the school and everything, but we also have to wear masks and socially distance.” – Sai Ramani (9)

  • What are you most looking forward to this year? 

“Show choir season. I’m very excited for that.” – Emily Adams (9)

“I’m a part of robotics club, and I know that regardless of how the year turns out we’ll be able to put something cool together. Concert band is another thing I’m looking forward to.” – Elena Matyas (9).

“Dungeons and Dragons club and jazz concerts.” – Miguel Guzman

  • What do you like the most about high school so far? 

“I would say the freedom. There’s a lot more freedom here than in middle school. You’re also more respected here.” – Emily Adams (9).

“The thing I like the most about high school is the different classes that I get the choice to take.” – Daisy Stout (9).

“I like all the friends that I have in all my classes because they always help me out if I need it.” – Andrew Grubbs (9).

  • What is your favorite class? 

“Lunch. I chose lunch because that is the only thing I look forward to within the day.” – Cameron Elder.

“Gym is my favorite class because I can talk more with my classmates and, for me, it is not a hard class to pass. I enjoy the sports we play.” – Andrew Grubbs

“Biomedical science because we get to learn about a subject that is really interesting while doing fun labs” – Samantha Doherty

  • …and your least favorite class?

“AP World” – Elena Matyas

“A tie between English and Biology.” – Miguel Guzman

“Spanish” – Sai Ramani

  • What is your favorite thing to do outside of school? 

“My favorite thing to do outside of school is dance.” – Daisy Stout

“I like photography” – Cameron Elder

“My favorite thing to do outside of school is to write music.” – Sai Ramani

  • Do you miss anything from middle school, and if you do what is it?

“The only thing I miss about middle school is that I had more time and less homework.” – Daisy Stout

“Yes, I miss not having to do hours of homework everyday” – Andrew Grubbs

“The block schedule made it a lot easier to manage homework, that’s not too big of a difference though.” – Tim Rowan

  • What opportunities will you look forward to when you become upperclassmen?

“I’m very excited to become an upperclassmen! I’m looking forward to Homecoming, Prom, and having a good group of friends by the time I’m a senior.” – Elena Matyas

“I am really looking forward to doing Senior Experience because I think it would be a very good experience.” – Samantha Doherty

“The chance to take a lot more interesting classes.” – Tim Rowan

  • What do you think is the hardest part of being in 9th grade right now?

“Dealing with all the covid stuff, so like remembering to bring a mask in the morning and social distancing.” – Cameron Elder

“Along with Covid-19, I don’t have classes with any of my friends at all. Because I’m taking a lot of classes that are honors, I don’t know a lot of the people in them.” – Samantha Doherty

“Being able to do everything teachers ask us to do with the precautions of Covid.” – Tim Rowan

Originally published in the Spartana Issue 3 (October 2020)