The Debate of the Band Tees

The Debate of the Band Tees

Kate Hutner, Writer/Designer

School is back in session, effectively bringing back the debate of what to wear to class. While walking through the hallways this year, you might notice that more and more students are wearing band tee shirts, ranging from Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin. Who are these people, and why are so many kids supporting them? Believe it or not, the 60s, 70s, and 80s are back, and it’s easy to tell from the style of teenagers these days. Whether we are talking bell bottom jeans, high-top sneakers, or the classic scrunchies, the current fashion trends resemble the past rebellious outfits of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

One of the most popular trends happens to be the classic band t-shirts. However the reasons behind buy-
ing these shirts differ between each individual. Someteens buy the classic rock shirts, such as Jimi Hendrix or AC/DC, due to their pure love for that artist. However, other teens may just purchase the shirt for the design, providing controversy for those who do truly love the music. According to Allison Lantz (12), wearing a band t-shirt due to the enjoyment of the music “is a good way to connect and make friends.” One can easily “go up to another person that they may not know and discuss the music, leading to a new friend.” Lantz said. However, she believes that “if one just wears it for the style they should not get any judgment or hate from that”.

Although some may agree with this, others find wearing a band shirt just for the design misleading. Cael Jeffery (12) believes that it’s “not necessary to love the band that you wear, but the person wearing the shirt should like, or at least know, one or two songs by that artist or band.” If you have ever worn a band shirt, you might have encountered the classic band quizzer, questioning you on the band you are wearing. It may come in handy to have a few facts about them in your back pocket, like Cael believes. Whether or not the band shirts are being worn for pure love of the band or for the design, it can be a conversation starter, leading to a new friendship. So, next time you see someone with a band shirt that you like, be sure to ask them about it.

How’d It All Start?

With Ariana Grande and her killer knee-high boots, inspired by the classic gogo boots, Kendall Jenner’s sweater vests and hippie patterned pants, and Harry Styles’ defiance of fashion stigma by wearing dresses, or even just bell bottom jeans, celebrities can be seen wearing ‘60s and ‘70s fashion trends left and right. The heavy influence celebrities have on the fashion world has created the returning spark of past fashion trends. At first, many watched the influencers of our generation through their phones, admiring their outfits but never venturing to buy similar clothes. Now, many are finding the courage to wander into the realm of the hippie, rockstar styles once again, and it is no longer just for the celebrities.

When walking around school, keep a lookout for highwaisted jeans, bell bottoms, groovy prints, and
the classic rock tees. It sparks wonder of what trends will be next, or if these current trends will ever die out. The scrunchies from the 80’s have already come and gone, so will the rock tees and bell bottoms of the 60’s and 70’s do the same? Or, are they here to make a stand, permanently? Maybe the 90’s will take over, bringing back the low rise jeans, turtle necks, and denim on denim. Or maybe, you could be the one to start the trends again, stepping out of your comfort zone to wear a piece that calls your name, inspiring others to do the same. The fashion world is up for grabs, and all it takes to rock a new style is confidence.