Spartan Pride and Patriotism


Alessia Passoni, Writer/Designer

The Homestead Spartans play to win. In the past decade, Homestead has won many titles, including their seasonal goal to win the football conference. The unique atmosphere of these games has created a convivial experience for many students. Roaring and laughter emerges from the student section as fans welcome home another victorious game. The atmosphere has felt like home to many Homestead Spartans. The student section is a way to make memories and engage in Spartan Spirit.

“The idea behind the leadership group is to try to form a partnership between the school and the leadership group in order to magnify the impact of the student section and make it even better,” Assistance Principle Stephen Clark said. His goal is to expand the student section beyond just boys’ football and include a variety of individuals. He believes that students feel as though it is only exclusive to a specific group, but, in fact, it is not. Students can work together to find themes for games as a way to show their support and school spirit. Every game bleachers are packed to the brim with painted faces and matching colors.The Spartans not only have grown to rely on such a student section, but it helped, and continues to help, encourage them to bring home a victory. The faces of students show pure bliss and excitement as their team scores touchdown after touchdown.  Whether you like football or have no idea how it works, students enjoy the adrenaline from these intense games and the happiness they provide.

In 2020, something happened that we never would have expected: COVID-19 prevented students from attending athletic games. Not only that, but new guidelines were put in place such as masking and social distancing to protect the students from such sickness. This virus disrupted many ways of life. Athletes had to learn to play without an audience and still perform to the best of their abilities. Many students were disappointed with the thought of not being able to make memories with friends in the student section. Team seasons were cut short as a result, and disappointment spread. In addition, incoming freshmen were looking forward to these events as a way to socialize and become a friendly face at Homestead. The seniors, too, were impacted as they watched their last year at Homestead be put under so many regulations.

This year will look a lot different. The World Health Organization notices a plateau in COVID-19 after nearly two months of high cases. Moreover, the school can now allow students to attend games. Furthermore, individuals are able to come together to cheer on their Spartans. The student section helped encourage a victory last Friday. The noise and commotion encouraged a win.

“It was a more enjoyable experience for everyone to have fans in the stands and to see the big student section. It was neat to see them back in the stand. Hopefully it gives us more energy and gives us a fire in our belly when we compete,” Football coach Chad Zolman said. Zolman is looking forward to a positive game season with his team as well as the packed stadium. He hopes to have another amazing season with the hard work and dedication from his athletes.

“I am so excited to be able to cheer on the Spartans and to just spend time with my friends,” Lola Ross (9) said. The freshmans are excited as they will be able to join their fellow classmates in the student section. If you ever get bored on a Friday night and need something to do, come to the student section and make memories that you would never thought you would.