Gastronomic Appellations: Leah Fry


Claire Elliott, Editor-In-Chief

“The most bizarre experience so far that I have experienced at Homestead was the second day of school. Everyone was soaked from head to toe. My sister and I had to park out by the Environmental Center and I remember walking in, wondering what I got myself into. Once I got to class, many people had see through shirts and drenched hair. It was like nothing I ever saw at Woodside,” Olivia Fry (9) said.

Luckily, Fry still has faith in Homestead.

“I could dedicate hours to playing basketball. I enjoy the sport and I hope to play to throughout all of my high school years,” Fry said.

In her free time, Fry enjoys going to the Landing’s Nawa and ordering the pineapple chicken fried rice. While the dish is extravagant in flavor and presentation (it is served in a pineapple), do not underestimate Fry’s rationality.

Upon given the question, “Would you rather be stuck in the water with a shark or an alligator,” Fry said, “I would rather be stuck in a body of water with a shark because unless you’re bleeding, I am not sure how much damage they will really do to you.”

I did not ask Fry about her potato of a cousin. I can only assume that she finds them delicious.