Gastronomic Appellations: Gabbie Waterman


Claire Elliott, Editor-In-Chief

Gabbie Waterman, whose favorite food is not water nor watermelon (it is fettuccine alfredo), is a senior at Homestead. However, her craziest memory of Homestead is not in the latter years but the first. As a freshman, Waterman arrived at Door 4 for an AP World review session. Those who remember the now demolished door also are aware that Waterman was not in the right place. Fortunately, Waterman received assistance in a most peculiar way.

“Ahead of me was a man setting down a nice bike and wearing full biker gear like he was in a race. He was holding a baby bird. He leaned in towards me and said “Look, it’s injured”. Then he opened his hands towards the sky and it flew away. He unlocked the door near us and said “I’m not supposed to let you in here but I will anyways,” Waterman said.

According to Waterman, Monopoly brings about her true self.

“Something about that board game brings out both the best and worst parts of me. I can say with confidence I would sacrifice friendships to own the boardwalk. I’ve driven my family away from me by playing “too aggressively” so I actually don’t get to play that often,” Waterman said.