Gastronomic Appellations: Johonna Fish


Claire Elliott, Editor-In-Chief

No, Johonna Fish (11) is not a fan of fish. However, she will eat “anything Chinese American or with noodles.”

Upon being asked what she could dedicate hours to, Fish said, “Definitely dance, but it does get exhausting. I play a couple of different instruments, including the flute, guitar, ukulele, and piano.”

Such activities (especially those at Homestead) can lead to peculiar experiences.

One time for dance team we needed to use a gym but football, baseball, or whatever always needs to be in there. We couldn’t get into any other room, so we tried going to the cafeteria. I went to squat down to start the dance and I put my hand in something on the floor. I have no idea what it was. It was so gross,” Fish said.

Although Fish is no fish, she does enjoy water.

“I love rain. Listening to it when you sit in your room and read a book, or falling asleep, or when you’re camping and you’re in a tent – it sounds so good,” said Fish.

However, when trapped with a carnivore in water she chooses the crocodile.

“Crocodile. I feel like they snap faster and it would be over quicker,” Fish said.