Meet the Staff

Madeline Phuong, Junior Editor


Isabella Ambrose
Isabella traditionally goes camping at the Chain ‘O Lakes campgrounds with her aunt and family every fall. While there, she looks forward to painting and decorating pumpkins, as well as trick-or-treating on the campgrounds. While Isabella is not, admittedly, a candy connoisseur, she is fond of Halloween-themed Oreos. Isabella contends that milk’s favorite cookie tastes better when the filling is a festive orange. In addition, her favored punctuation mark is the semicolon.

Sam Cole
When asked what part he most likes about Halloween, Sam succinctly replies, “All of it.” This year in particular, he looks forward to dressing up in a “really badly made cardboard robot suit.” He also enjoys trick-or-treating and handing out candy to fellow trick-or-treaters. His favorite Halloween treat is Reese’s peanut butter cups (and his favorite punctuation mark is a set of closed parentheses).

Kaiya Cronkhite
Kaiya always looks forward to going apple picking with family. “One time, in second or third grade, I went with my best friend,” Kaiya said. She especially loves drinking apple cider from the gallon after their visit to the orchard. Other than savoring apple cider, Kaiya also adores the almond, coconut, and milk chocolate confection of Almond Joy after trick-or-treating. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, her favorite punctuation mark is the question mark.

Claire Elliott
“Part of the reason I like fall is because it portrays that decay is inevitable,” Claire said. Amid this season of decay, she is fond of catching falling leaves and hearing the ‘crunch’ of fallen leaves. Another of her autumn rituals is admiring a tree outside her house that, “when the wind blows, looks like it’s raining gold.” She also savors Twix, Gobstoppers and Kit-Kats for their distinct Halloween taste. Additionally, Claire values the em dash for its explanatory and emphatic nature. “I had to tell myself to stop using it in essays,” she said.

Thomas Hill
Thomas recalls that, every Halloween, he would decorate his driveway with chalk “to make it more fun for trick-or-treaters.” One year, he laboriously created a Hawaiian-themed driveway decoration featuring tropical flowers. Thomas prefers a Hershey’s bar as a Halloween treat. Much like his choice of a chocolate bar, the semicolon—Thomas’s pick of punctuation marks—is, he contends, “very underappreciated.”

Kate Hutner
As part of her autumnal ritual, Kate goes apple picking with family at Cook’s Orchard. She especially savors the orchard’s apple cider, and also loves a crisp candy apple. “Candy apples are so good!” Kate said. In past years, her family “used to always throw Halloween parties” for friends and family before their annual apple-picking tradition. Kate additionally values a well-used question mark.

Luke Land
Every fall, Luke and his family visit his aunt in downtown Fort Wayne, where he enjoys walking around to see the holiday decorations. Later in the year, he looks forward to viewing the cheery Christmas decor of one downtown home, whose resident dresses up as Santa and hands out candy canes. Luke’s number one Halloween candy is the ever popular Reese’s peanut butter cup. His favored punctuation mark, however, is a much more controversial preference: the Oxford comma.

Isaac Mendez-Lopez
Isaac remembers that, in elementary school, he and his brothers would rake and jump on a pile of leaves in front of their grandma’s house. Falling into the leaf pile “when we were done was soft and comfy,” Isaac said. On Halloween, he looks forward to snacking on Twix bars—the left or the right bar, depending on “whichever I grab first.” Isaac also gravitates towards the em dash for its sophistication.

Alessia Passoni
Although Alessia’s preferred punctuation mark is still in limbo, she does like Kit-Kats, Twix bars or “anything chocolate.” Alessia fondly remembers coordinating her and her siblings’ trick-or-treating costumes with their grandma. “My siblings dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 one year, so that was funny,” she said. Alessia recalls a particular house surrounded by decorative flying bats. “As a kid, I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m going to die!” Alessia said.

Madeline Phuong
Madeline warmly recalls trick-or-treating with her brother and friends every Halloween, learning the art of negotiation when trading candy afterwards. “My family also used to go to Greenfield Village,” Madeline said. “We always listened to a storyteller narrate Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘A Tell-Tale Heart.’” She also values jumping into a pile of leaves, savoring a cup of hot apple cider and appreciating a well-placed em dash.

Elaina Schilt
Elaina’s favorite fall ritual is carving pumpkins with her family and friends. She also takes pleasure in choosing her costume and dressing up to go tricking-or-treating on Halloween. Classic strawberry Twizzlers are her go-to Halloween treat after trick-or-treating. Additionally, Elaina appreciates the simple emphasis of exclamation marks. “It’s a good display of emotion,” she said.

Hannah Shaw
Hannah unexpectedly found one of her favorite fall treats, pumpkin ice cream, at the annual Johnny Appleseed festival. “It sounds disgusting, but is actually good,” Hannah said. “I remember buying a cup to share with someone because I thought it was going to be nasty, but it was delectable and I ended up buying more.” Hannah enjoys both the left and right Twix bars on Halloween. Additionally, her preferred punctuation mark is, curiously, a question mark.

Gaia Splendore
Gaia treasures spending time with family and friends every Halloween. “My sister’s birthday is on Halloween,” Gaia said. “My mom forces me to make Halloween baked goods, but it’s fun!” She also goes trick-or-treating with friends. Last year, they went as Monster High characters and ended up playing basketball until 3 am. Gaia loves caramel apple lollipops, which, for a period of time, were considered contraband in her household. Moreover, she prefers two question marks for the subtle sense of annoyance they convey.

Katelyn Styborski
“When I was younger, my dad used to take all the leaves in the backyard, and my brother and I would help rake them onto a tarp,” Katelyn said. From there, they would gleefully jump onto the pile of leaves and their dad would drag them around on the tarp, a delightful sort of fall sledding. On Halloween, Katelyn relishes Kit-Kats after trick-or-treating. Furthermore, her favorite punctuation mark is the period, a versatile and “solid little guy” that can also form ellipses.


Ganga Subramanian
“I am one of those people that says take only two pieces of candy,” Ganga said. “It’s for the public good.” As someone who likes handing out candy to trick or treaters, Ganga is familiar with the trends of Halloween costumes. This year, she anticipates and will quite enjoy seeing trick-or-treaters taking on the likeness of Mr. Worldwide. Her preferred Halloween candy is a Twix bar, either the left or the right; her favored punctuation mark is a semicolon.

Kealynn Tunks
Every year, Kealynn gets together with friends to watch quintessential Halloween movies, her favorite being Disney’s Hocus Pocus. “Last year was really fun because we just hung out and watched movies,” Kealynn said. In the fall, she most enjoys her grandma’s scrumptious pumpkin pie. Furthermore, Kealynn appreciates the suspense of ellipses during all seasons of the year