Inside the Minds of Monsters


Thomas Hill, Website Manager

Everyone knows the creepy Halloween creatures: vampires, mummies, monsters, and more. And every single spooky species has a classic character that represents it. Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s Monster- there’s no way you haven’t heard of these pop culture icons before. But have you ever wondered why these monsters act the way they do? No, you say? Well, too bad, because I’m going to break down these characters for you anyways. Based on their Myers-Briggs personality type, I’ll explain why these characters are the way they are. It’s time to find out what’s inside the minds of monsters!

Dracula- INTJ
Count Dracula. Lord of the Vampires, King of the Night. One of the most recognizable and most frightening Halloween characters. His personality type- INTJ. This is one of the most predictable personality types. Obviously, Drac is an introvert. He has to stay inside all day and feeds on anyone who gets close, Thus, hardcore intorvert. He’s intuitive because he’s had to learn to work outside the box to avoid sunlight and hide his immortal identity. The thinking aspect comes from his obvious careful planning in faking deaths and capturing victims over the years. Finally, he’s judging because he’s definitely a planner. You wouldn’t catch him dead without a backup plan.

The Mummy- ISTJ
From the depths of the Egyptian pyramids comes… THE MUMMY (aka a glorified zombie). The mummy is also an introvert, probably because he’s sequestered in a sarcophagus most of the time and scares off any potential friends. He’s intuitive because he looks for the bigger picture beyond his pyramidal home. Adapting to the modern world is no struggle for him. The thinking aspect comes from his desire to do what is most rational, again taking things in stride and picking the most logical path. Finally, he’s judging because he obviously gets stressed when continually surprised with new setbacks.

The Wolf Man- ISTP
The Wolf Man is the alpha werewolf, the top dog, if you will. He’s yet another introvert, avoiding society due to his unfortunate affliction. He’s intuitive because he has to be innovative to escape the werewolf hunters that are trying to chase him down. The thinking aspect comes from his planning to make sure he either harms no one or a certain someone (depending on his mood). Finally, he is prospecting because he has to be flexible and operate as he goes.

Frankenstein’s Monster- INFP
Presenting the most recognizable monster and number one creation of the OG mad scientist: Frankenstein’s Monster! Definitely an introvert (though probably not by choice as he’s been rejected by society), he has to hide from everyone so he’s not burned alive. He’s intuitive because he’s not really capable of advance planning. Same reasoning with feeling- definitely reactionary to everything. Finally, he’s prospecting because he’s extremely impulsive and doesn’t think ahead.

The Grim Reaper- ISTJ
Perhaps the most terrifying Halloween character of all, being the literal representation of death, is the Grim Reaper. An introvert by nature, as you can’t talk to people you’re about to kill, he prefers to observe from afar rather than interact. He’s observant because he acts in the now, disregarding people’s pasts and futures to take their souls indiscriminately. He’s thinking because of his objective decisions of death, based on statistics and data. Finally, he’s judging because his job is literally to judge whose time it is to die.

The Wicked Witch- ISTJ
Made famous by The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch is actually just a representative of the witches that have lurked among us for millennia. She’s also an introvert, secluding herself in a castle alone and only interacting with her Winkie slaves out of necessity. She’s observant because she’s focused and has a single goal- to rule Oz as wickedly as possible. The thinking comes from her plotting nature. She knows when to use her minions to take out her enemies and when to do it herself. Finally, she’s judging because she’s got backup plans upon backup plans. I mean, the flying monkeys are literally her fifth alternative to taking out Dorothy!

The Creature from the Black Lagoon- ISFP
Also known as the Swamp Creature, it’s no surprise that the Creature is an introvert. He hides in his swamp all day, only stirring when someone disturbs him. He’s observant because he’s hands-on and wants to take down any intruders right then and there. He’s feeling because he follows his emotions; again, this is namely anger at the intruders who dare interfere with his swamp. Finally, he’s prospecting because he takes opportunities to terrify innocents as they come rather than seeking them out.

The Headless Horseman- ESTJ
Hailing from Tarrytown, USA, the Headless Horseman is our only extrovert on this list because of his attention-seeking antics. He’s also observant because he takes a hands on (or should I say heads-on) approach to solving problems. He’s thinking because he takes the time to plot his revenge schemes carefully and makes sure he really scares the heck out of the victims. Finally, he’s judging because he’s got a plan. And a backup plan. And another backup plan. He’s ready to take all the time he needs to get his revenge.

Phantom of the Opera- INFP
The ultimate creepy theater kid, the Phantom is the epitome of an introvert. He hides away from society and even hides his face from everyone. What more can you ask of an introvert? He’s intuitive because he’s imaginative and often ponders the theoretical as a tortured artist. He’s feeling because he is caring and deeply connected to and in tune with his emotions. Finally, he’s prospecting because he’s flexible and takes the punches as they come.

Mad Scientist and Igor- INTP/ISTP
So both Igor and the Mad Scientist are introverts (surprise, surprise) because they’re diligently doing crazy experiments in their dungeon laboratory twenty-four seven . The Mad Scientist is intuitive because of his obsession with the theoretical, while Igor is observant with his diligence and attention to detail (requirements for the number one evil henchman). Both are thinking because of their obsession with insane science and creating monsters. Finally, they both are prospecting because of the flexibility required from scientists. Even mad scientists must follow the scientific method to get results.

Honorable Minion Mentions: Zombies, Ghosts, Goblins, Skeletons, Scarecrows
These guys lack an iconic representative or notable character, so they tend to fall into a minion mindset. I’m sure they have a variety of personality types, but they all share a follower mentality. They’ll fall in line and do whatever they’re told by the real big baddies. So they just get an honorable mention. Maybe someday an icon will rise from their ranks to join this list, but not today!