What’s On Your Plate?


Alessia Passoni, Writer/Designer

Thanksgiving is a well known holiday in America. Families gather around the table, mouths watering with delight. Autumn colors decorate the room. Food is passed around and around, including pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, honey ham, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn and the delightful cravings continue.  All of the staples of Thanksgiving are planned accordingly. Bread rolls are set at each place. Knives, spoons, and forks dance around the counter. Guests find their seats as the anticipation eats at them. Mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles rush from the kitchen, food steaming in their  hands. The aroma of the turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole fill the noses of the guests. Their stomachs gnawing at their backbone. Hands grab at the mountain of food,  mouths watering in excitement. Conversations heighten as the buster of noise expands. Cousins, uncles, nephews, grandchildren fill the once empty house. Joyful smiles are plastered on their faces. Greetings and hugs shower the guests. What is your favorite meal? What meal do you remember cherishing as a kid? Did you or your family have any fun family traditions? Teachers and staff members fill us in with some of their favorites and what they love best about Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Waite

Mrs. Waite, one of the Latin teachers, looks forward to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time where she can get together with her family. Waite cooks for her immediate family and cousin who lives here in Fort Wayne.  Her favorite dish is mashed potatoes. Waite said, “It is our tradition for my daughter to make sweet potato souffle which was a recipe of my mother’s.” 

Mr. Brown  

Mr. Brown, head of the cafeteria, cooks the most wonderful meals for his family. He and his wife share the responsibilities in the kitchen. Brown coaches basketball and has a game the night before, so they have a long night. In order for Thanksgiving to be possible, he adjusted the Thanksgiving time to later in the day. Enjoying a variety of foods, Brown says,  “obviously turkey, stuffing is my favorite side, green bean casserole, and sweet potato casserole.” 

Mrs. Dely

Mrs. Dely, culinary cook at Homestead high school, loves Thanksgiving. She mentions how her parents cook the big meal with the help of her family. She also mentions how her father deep fries the turkey and it’s very delicious. Dely remembers Thanksgiving as a young child: “For many years we went to watch the Detroit Lions play football before eating our meal.”

Mrs. Rauber

Mrs. Rauber, one of the many English teachers here at Homestead, also enjoys Thanksgiving. As a kid, her family worked together to help her mother cook the feast. She says, “I was in charge of the gravy, but I helped with everything.” Her favorite dish is stuffing and dressing and she enjoys homemade cornbread as well as freshly grown sage. Rauber and her sister-and-law help prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for their family.