A Starry Night: Semi Formal 2022 In Review


Homestead’s Semi-formal dance looked a little different from years past as it was not a school-sanctioned event. The planning and organization of the dance was led by senior Abigail Ayres, who decided to create a Semi-formal event with her friends when the student government would not. 

The school was planning on canceling their Semi-formal dance, so that caused us to start all of this. The school told us that because of COVID-19, they could not have a dance this semester,” Ayres said. 

Due to a lack of funding from Homestead, Ayres and the Semi-formal committee had to raise their own money for the event. “The dance was fully funded through ticket sales. Any money that was made from selling the tickets was then used to pay off any and all expenses,” explained Ayres. 

This year’s Semi-formal was held at the Fort Wayne Coliseum, which Ayres chose specifically for the event: “We had it at the Coliseum this year because the venue could fit a maximum of 1,200 people.”

Senior Zaeda Knudson also helped with the planning of the dance. 

“I loved being able to see the amazing amount of students, nearly 900, come and have fun during the dance,” said Knudson. Ayres said that for her, the best part of planning the dance was “getting to see how excited everyone got.” 

 Without the dedication of Ayres, Knudson and the other members of the Semi-formal committee, the dance would not have been possible this year. Thanks to them, freshmen and sophomores got to experience their first high school dance in a fun and exciting way, and upperclassmen were able to attend their last or second-to-last semi-formal. Many long-lasting memories were made as students worked together to make this dance possible.