Etsy Gifts


Kealynn Tunks, Writer

Many people associate  the month of December with gift giving. At first glance, it is all fun and games as you give your loved ones your thoughtful gifts and see them grin from ear to ear. However, we all know that actually getting those gifts can cause anxiety like no other. Where do you go? How much can you spend? Will it come in time? What if someone else buys them the same gift? The worries flood your brain as you’re looking for gifts. But, fear no more! We have a solution. And it just so happens to be called…


Etsy is an online store containing everything from vintage clothing pieces to toys to home furniture, and can put all of your worries to rest. It’s a great site to get unique gifts for the ones you love without dealing with the common stresses of gift giving. It ranges for all ages and personalities, meaning you can find a gift for your mom as well as for your infant cousin. 

Along with buying the goods from Etsy, you can also create your own shop and sell what you love to create. Selling on Etsy is just as quick and easy as buying from it. Sydney Herbst (12) created her very own shop, “selling hand painted mirrors.” She lets us in on some insider information claiming she is “soon to be selling wire rings as well.” She started her store ”on October 20th of this year,” and has been loving it ever since. Herbst remarked, “I wanted an outlet for my art and a way to make money through my art.” If you are looking to buy one of these gorgeous mirrors,  her store is called “paintsbysyd4.”

Another common struggle is not only where to get gifts, it’s what gifts to give, but that struggle will come to an end as we have created a list of gift ideas that your family members and friends will enjoy.