Three Voyages: Meredith Loney


Meredith Loney

Through Homestead High School’s Travel Club, Meredith Loney (12) traveled to the beautiful country of Italy to embark on a 10 day journey with a group of 40 people. The group traveled on two flights, first landing in Germany. Although they were only in the German airport for a layover, they were still able to try tasty German food.

When they arrived in Italy, there were many things to explore: culture, cuisine and geography. Some cultural differences Loney noted were in relation to food and restaurants. The group “actually looked some of [the cultural differences] up because the waiters kept laughing.” Asking for olive oil or vinaigrette during dinner was something very uncommon, and it’s expected to eat the bread on the
table with the meal, not beforehand.

Speaking of food, the best dish that Loney had on this trip was pesto pasta. People from the group also said the seafood was amazing, especially the mussels.

Loney expressed that most of the time the group stayed together, but there were chances for exploration in smaller groups. While they were in Sorrento, a coastal town in southwestern Italy, they were all a twenty minute walk from the beach. Because of this, Meredith and a few of her friends were able to go night swimming in the Mediterranean Sea—one of the most memorable moments of the trip.

The funniest moment Loney had on this trip was when Nancy Bogdonanwicz, head of Homestead’s Travel Club, sent her location out to the students to come join her, but did not specify what was happening. They all ended up in the city square dancing with a group of British people for about half an hour—something the students hadn’t picture themselves doing previously.

When it came to exploring Italy’s geography and landmarks, there were many amazing sites to see. “I think the best place we went to was Capri,” Loney said. They were able to take a boat tour around the island to see all of the beautiful rock formations. On the island, there were many brightly colored buildings and neat patterns dispersed throughout the architecture. In addition to Capri, the Colosseum was an added scenic destination.

Overall, the trip was a great experience for Loney and the rest of the group. With amazing food, beautiful geography and experiences of a lifetime, the group thoroughly enjoyed visiting Italy. Loney plans to go back next summer.