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The Spartana

The Spartana

The Spartana


The Spartana website is a production of Student Publications: Newspaper at Homestead High School. Its purpose is to enlighten, educate, and entertain. The Spartana has, and may continue to, operate as a limited open forum for the free exchange of ideas.

Staff members support the First Amendment in its entirety and oppose censorship in any form. The content of the paper is determined by the student staff. In cases of potentially controversial material, the Editorial Board will meet to decide the content of the newspaper. The staff will be assisted by the adviser in areas of professional ethics and legalities.

Material that is libelous or obscene as defined by Fort Wayne Newspapers or could cause a substantial material disruption of the school day as defined by the Supreme Court will not be printed.

Southwest Allen County corporation encourages vigorous treatment of a wide range of subject matter, including controversial issues, and student journalists are free to report and to editorialize on events, ideas, and issues in their high school, community, nation, and world according to Policy Number 4150.

Public input will be accepted from the Homestead community in the form of letters to the editor. Letters must follow standards concerning libel or obscenity. Those that could cause a substantial and material disruption to the school day will not be printed. Letters can be emailed to The Spartana at [email protected]

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