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The Spartana

The Spartana

The Spartana

The Columbidae Manifesto

Claire Elliott, Writer
March 15, 2020

Doves. Did you think of purity, nature and even happiness? Or did you think of the Pope, weddings and magic tricks? Doves, however “harmless” they...

Leap Years- What, When, Why?

Jacob Houser, Writer
March 15, 2020

If it wasn’t already made to be known, this year is a leap year. They happen once every four years- and it’s a year that has 366 days instead of 365-...

Homestead Cinnamon Rolls No Longer

Homestead Cinnamon Rolls No Longer

Matthew Quintos, Online Editor
December 17, 2019

Friends, students, lend me your ears...      The warm, gooey goodness of Homestead’s fresh cinnamon rolls drifts through the air as students rejoice...

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