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Recent Results

Boys BasketballSat, Mar 06 New Haven75-56W
New Haven75-56W
Boys BasketballFri, Mar 05 Fort Wayne South Side74-44W
Fort Wayne South Side74-44W
Boys BasketballTue, Mar 02 Huntington North62-37W
Huntington North62-37W
Boys BasketballFri, Feb 19 Carroll55-50W
Girls BasketballSat, Feb 13 Noblesville62-57W
Girls BasketballSat, Feb 13 Carroll58-66L
Boys BasketballFri, Feb 12 Fort Wayne Concordia Luthe88-44W
Fort Wayne Concordia Luthe88-44W
Boys BasketballTue, Feb 09 Fort Wayne Wayne85-34W
Fort Wayne Wayne85-34W
Boys BasketballSat, Feb 06 Hamilton Southeastern56-53W
Hamilton Southeastern56-53W
Girls BasketballSat, Feb 06 Fort Wayne South Side33-31W
Fort Wayne South Side33-31W
Girls BasketballFri, Feb 05 Columbia City45-33W
Columbia City45-33W
Girls BasketballTue, Feb 02 Fort Wayne Wayne69-26W
Fort Wayne Wayne69-26W
Boys BasketballSat, Jan 30 Peru74-41W
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 29 Fort Wayne Northrop83-53W
Fort Wayne Northrop83-53W
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 29 Fort Wayne Northrop60-41W
Fort Wayne Northrop60-41W
Girls BasketballThu, Jan 28 Fort Wayne South Side96-51W
Fort Wayne South Side96-51W
Boys BasketballSat, Jan 23 Lawrence North55-50W
Lawrence North55-50W
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 22 Fort Wayne North Side107-61W
Fort Wayne North Side107-61W
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 22 Fort Wayne North Side78-24W
Fort Wayne North Side78-24W
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 19 Warsaw46-30W
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Upcoming Games

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